Endurance Athletes

Beyond Limits Elite Coaching with Dr. Sukhi

Beyond Limits Elite Coaching with Dr. Sukhi is our executive program designed to enhance physical and mental performance to the highest level so you achieve the most extraordinary results. It uses the most cutting-edge and advanced training, nutrition, mindset, spiritual and lifestyle techniques that exist to optimize your life and make you indestructible in your sport and the most extraordinary human being.

This is life-style coaching at the highest level, and only several people on the face of the planet have FULL access to the Beyond Limits Elite Coaching Full program with Dr. Sukhi at any given time.


Complete training program design with detailed daily workout descriptions, exercise prescription and analysis, and zero guesswork, including the most cutting-edge workout efficiency strategies to minimize time and maximize results.

– Complete 12 Month Periodization Program, including Full Macrocycles, Mesocycles and Microcycles for building elite levels of endurance, strength, power, efficiency and flexibility.

– Daily analysis/feedback of Power, Heart Rate, Performance and Bioelectrical impedance files by Dr. Sukhi

– Complete monthly analysis/feedback of Swim, Bike, Run and other training Videos by Dr. Sukhi

– Detailed daily meal plan and supplement blueprint, customized by Dr. Sukhi with photo logging, heart rate tracking and biomarker testing to track your individual body’s response to diet, training, rest and recovery.

– Total guidance on advanced biohacking and self-quantification techniques, including heart rate variability, pulse oximetry, cold thermogenesis, electromagnetic frequency shielding, ketosis, adaptogens, piezoelectric care, blood & saliva testing, and much much more.

– The most advanced mindset, meditation, hypnosis and spiritual practice techniques for optimized training and racing performance

– Full race preparation support, leaving no guess work

– 24-7 quantification, tracking and live biofeedback of your movement, sleep patterns, metabolic rate, heart rate and heart rate variability, with personal analysis by Dr. Sukhi.

– Unlimited access to Dr. Sukhi, including private e-mail address, private telephone line, and private Skype address to answer your questions and provide full support at any time, along with a face-to-face Skype meeting at least every 2 weeks.

– 2x/year in-depth biomarker analysis of blood lipids and advanced cholesterol markers, inflammation, thyroid panel, nutrients, minerals, liver, kidney, performance hormones and metabolic hormones.
1x/year expanded gastrointestinal panel to evaluate gut health, food allergy, digestion and parasitology status.

– Concierge supplements package designed and shipped to you monthly, based on your biomarkers, training goals and nutritional needs. No shopping required.

– Open door access to 3x/year, two day training camp and mastermind meetings with Dr. Sukhi, at private locations across the globe.

– Full access to Dr. Sukhi’s entire educational library – access to any of Dr. Sukhi’s past, present and future articles, books, training, mindset, biohacks and nutrition strategies and plans.

Investment Options:
1. Beyond Limits Elite Coaching Full Package – $3997/month
2. Beyond Limits Elite Coaching Modified Package – $2497/month

12-month minimum program commitment, with discounted options available for 2 or 3 year packages.

Coaching is an investment of your hard-earned money, time, and energy. If you want to train smarter and get better results with a more evolved training and biohacking system, let’s get on a call and see if it’s a right fit.

Drop a line to: info@drsukhi.com