10 Ways to Embrace Criticism

Aristotle said that you can easily avoid criticism by saying nothing, doing nothing and being nothing. Now if you get what he was putting down here drop me a comment, because I don’t get it at all….? I truly don’t know how to do and  be nothing. Any help’s appreciated!

Yet criticism is something I’ve had to deal with regularly. I get it from my family, colleagues, teachers and other visionaries. Even from the more conscious gangs. I used to over-exhaust myself  and bend over backwards trying to please others, but all that did was deplete me even further.

10 Ways to Embrace Criticism

My body would get tired, my mind would have mega chatter and I’d get very cynical and judgemental of myself. Thankfully today I’ve switched that gear and developed a more productive way of dealing with criticism.

Criticism is something that doesn’t always come easy from others. We can never control what others say, think or feel about us. Yet we can control how we learn, integrate, let go and grow from the experience. And if you’re like me and have no idea what aristotle was talking about, here are a few ways that I embrace criticism.

10 Ways to embrace Criticism

1. Criticism brings new awareness to something you may have been unaware of. It’s true, when I look at people as teachers and guides that have been brought into my life for a grander purpose I’ll process their criticism way faster.

2. Criticism allows me to practice forgiveness. When somebody gives me a left hook with their words and blood is dripping from my ego, I realize that I am the only person holding myself back. The second I decide to forgive them, something magical happens. I can see them from a different light and I release the anger.

3. Criticism allows me to make uncomfortable emotions manageable. I’m not Buddha, in fact I’m pretty far from that blissed out state. Yet when criticism comes way I’m forced to deal with emotions I’m not proud of. It forces me to do the things that get me back on purpose (exercise, meditation or a gut wrenched laugh).

4. Criticism cultivates critical thinking. When somebody says or does something that charges you it gives you the opportunity to take a good and honest look at yourself and begin looking at your internal blocks.

5. Criticism allows you to BE in flow or conflict. Often when we’re criticized we want to push or fight back with the same energy, depleting us even further. We can also choose to truly take that info. in and be at peace with it, in FLOW!

6. Criticism teaches me to not take life so seriously. I’ve been driving a vehicle for 24 years and have never had a car accident. I was recently told that I drove too aggressively… : )

7. Criticism gets me back on purpose. I’ve learned that when I dwell on criticism I only hurt myself. It’s wasted and nonproductive time because thoughts from that place don’t serve anyone.

8. Criticism allows one to be more adaptable to people. When attacked I always learn to better communicate to their value system and if they still don’t get me I know it’s time to move on.

9. Criticism fosters growth. With every critique I receive a new tool to more efficiently create my life for tomorrow from my greatest ideals.

10. Criticism reminds me that I’m far from perfect. If you think you’re perfect or close to it it’s time to have  reality check. We are all perfect with our imperfections.

The next time someone throws a little criticism your way remember that you’re the captain of your own ship. You decide how much it’s going to hurt. You decide how long it’s going to affect you. And you decide how well the criticism is embraced.

Embracing these will take a load off and lead to further growth.

To Your Mastery,

Dr. Sukhi