20 Ways to Live Your Best Life

Are you ready to Live Your Best Life?

Live Your Best Life

Follow these steps and watch Your Best Life unfold.

1. Live Your Best Life by Starting your day with rituals that will get you On Purpose and keep you there throughout your day. Exercise, Meditation, Visualization, Journaling, Gratitude Logs are all awesome rituals.

2. Live Your Best Life by Getting out and Sharing your gifts and talents with the world, your inspiration will magnify and shine more light on other people and inspire them to do the same.

3. Live Your Best Life by Seeing your life as the biggest spectator sport and yourself as a world-class athlete playing magically as the world cheers you on.

4. Live Your Best Life by Being better today than you were yesterday, challenge your old ideas and ways of doing things.

5. Live Your Best Life by Spending time everyday to fill yourself up from within by doing the things that inspire, recharge and motivate you.

6. Live Your Best Life by Emanating Integrity by doing the things you said you would do for yourself and others.

7. Live Your Best Life by Telling somebody Everyday how grateful you are that they are in your life and what makes them so extraordinary.

8. Live Your Best Life by Acting and Behaving the way you want others to treat and communicate with you. Start to become the change you would like to see in this world.

9. Live Your Best Life by Adding more value and Over delivering in every area of your life, exceeding the expectations others have of you.

10. Live Your Best Life by having a solid foundation at home so you can Tune IN and Turn ON.

11. Live Your Best Life by getting up every time Life knocks you down and standing up taller every time.

12. Live Your Best Life by creating a Blue Print for the attainment of your Wildest Dreams and breaking things down into manageable steps that you can start doing Today.

13. Live Your Best Life by practicing between Life’s performances until you attain Mastery.

14. Live Your Best Life by never stopping until you find Solutions to every challenge, obstacle and speed bump that life offers you.

15. Live Your Best Life by unleashing All your efforts in the pursuit of your Wildest Dreams. If you never give up you Will attain them.

16. Live Your Best Life by Giving so much more to others than you expect in return. Share what is uniquely you and expect nothing in return.

17. Live Your Best Life by spending time everyday to nurture and cultivate extraordinary relationships. We’re social beings, Go Be Social!

18. Live Your Best Life by Listening to your Voice and Vision from within. Trust your intuition while reading the signs on the side of the road on the highway of life. They will Always guide you in the direction of Extraordinary.

19. Live Your Best Life by Being Grateful for every person, place or thing that has entered your life. Maintain an attitude of gratitude to reach greater altitudes.

20. Live Your Best Life by accepting that Life never gives you anything you cannot handle. Every challenge that’s greater than the last one is Life giving you a promotion.

Here you have it my friends. Would love to know what you think of this list and if you like, “Like” it and please share it with anyone you know who wants to… Live Their Best Life!

To Your Mastery,

Dr. Sukhi

“We will never live forever, but to Live Your Best Life will create something in this world that will”