5 “No Shit” Ways to Become a Better You

Yes 7 Uncensored, Raw and Real Deal ways to Be a BETTER YOU! I’m writing this Blog post very timely. Sometimes when I write I get into my head and say “oh, I probably shouldn’t say that”, “that might offend someone”, “what will peeps think if I write that….. the chatter goes on and on and on…… So I devised a little plan. When I train hard I strip myself down to my core. The pure, real deal of who I am emerges. Today I rode out from West Vancouver to Whistler for the second time in 5 days. It’s 130 miles round trip. I’m in the biggest training block for my build to Ironman Canada which is a short 4 weeks away. My body hates me right now as I’m demanding so much out of it. I’m just trying to get my body to be as BIG as my ideas. And it’s following, with only a little bit of complaining. But when you put in over 400 miles in 6 days you gotta expect some resistance… : )

Better You

Taken on my ride today… Whistler Mountains!

This Blog was contrived while on this ride today and solidified after my 5 mile transition run. This just ended less than an hour ago and I’m giving it to you with no filters. Now remember, I was raised in an attic and on the streets, not in a refined country club. So… if you dislike profanity and stuff that may make you a little uncomfortable to give you more growth it may be best to stop reading now. Because after 7.5 hours of training, this how you’re getting it with no bullshit or propaganda. AND I promised myself I wouldn’t come back to edit later… : ) oh oh!

It’s Time to Become a Better You

While riding I was thinking about all the shitty people in this world. You know the type… Enron and Monsanto dudes. And how if each person spent a little time each day to become a better person, this place would be so much sweeter. Essentially there could be a revolution of goodness that crowds out the crappy-ness. The reality is that this is happening and you my friends are a part of it. SO let’s dive in to 5 “No Shit” ways to become a better you.

1. Become a Better You by surrounding yourself with 5 better peeps.

Did you know that you are an average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Yup, it’s true. Think of their health, vitality, quality of life, wealth, consciousness….everything. Add them up in every domain and you’re looking in the mirror. Love what you see, Sweet.. give me a high five. Don’t like what you see, time for you to start telling people to go fuck themselves!

2. Become a Better You by standing in front of the mirror butt naked.

Yes you read that right. This was such a powerful process for me for many years. It allowed me to begin to accept and own my disowned parts. If that’s tough start with clothes on and work up to it. When you start to fully love and accept yourself, you can begin to fully love and accept others. It all begins from within and the judgements fade. In no time you’ll be dancing around the house naked like me!

3. Become a Better You by bringing silence into your life.

We’re inundated with Bullshit. TV bullshit. Radio bullshit. News Bullshit. The bullshit list goes on and on. TIme to stop the insanity. Meditate in silence. Leave the ipod at home and go for a walk or run in silence. I got 7.5 hours of this today and it’s awesome. At first the silence might piss you off. Your noise addiction will go through withdrawal and on the other side your beauty, perfection and genius will begin to surface.

4. Become a Better You by asking peeps around you.

The people around you know you better than you probably know yourself. And that scares the shit out of you, because they can call you on it anytime. So just go out and ask them and listen with an open heart. I ask my wife if I’m a good husband. I ask her how I can be a better husband. I ask my employees if I’m a good boss and how I can be better. I ask my brother if I’m a good bro. I’ll ask my children if I’m a good Dad and what I could do to be a better a one (BTW next winter… : ) . The questions and ensuing answers are endless and priceless.

5. Fuck Balance

OK we’ve all heard this before. Let’s strive for balance. What the fuck does that really mean. Balance is static. A pendulum has no momentum if it’s in perfect balance, it sits right in the middle, it’s dead. Life is dynamic, it needs momentum. Instead be in the pursuit of achieving balance swaying side to side just like a tightrope walker. The tightrope walker is always in the dynamic persuit of balance, yet if she/he achieves balance, their ass would fall off the rope. Walking a tightrope is like life. My life was so far out of balance on one side of the spectrum I had to go to India and be out of balance on the other side spending 40 days in a cave meditating. Today I work over 60 hours week, train 30 hours week and manage to have a life too. I’m in the constant persuit of balance letting my life swing in the different directions of the pendulum.

Be a Better You

This Green Goop is filled with LIFE and everything the body needs to recover from my training day. Does it look Balanced to you???

Give it a whirl, it works! Let me know your thoughts. Time for YOU to be better, the world needs it!

To Your Mastery, Dr. Sukhi