5 Ways to Feel Positive

Be Positive by “Being the Change you Want to See in the World” Gandhi

I can remember back when I was a teenager, you know the time, when you and I knew absolutely everything about the world and even our parents couldn’t tell us otherwise. Positivity didn’t live here. Several years ago I asked my mother about the dark times while I was growing up and she asked me to stop thinking and talking about all the bad things.

There was a lot of truth to that statement. Sure we have to look at our dark memories and demons so we can integrate and grow from them, but eventually enough is enough.

I used to constantly tell stories about how messed up things were within my own family and the world; how “I” was the victim and how everything outside of me ruined my life. Meanwhile I could have been sharing and instead focusing on all the love, goodness and positivity around me.

To get over this I almost had to relive my entire life through a new set of lenses. One in which the camera only saw the growth, synchronicity and perfection. I’ve learned in my Psych. texts that most people complain because they’re simply trying to connect with people who can relate to universal challenges that we all face. Yet, I know there’s more to it.

I believe that when we complain about things that have gone wrong and keep talking shit about the crappyness of our lives that we immerse ourselves in self pity, doubt and an ego-centric state. And this does not serve you or the world in which you’re creating.

We live in a culture of negativity. A world of CNN News scaring the crap out of us. But, being the conscious creator of your world that you are, you can stop the insanity. You can shift your focus, you can see the possibilities and expand your consciousness for living. The Positive you will fully emerge!

Yes, your life does not have to be the sum of your challenges or hardships. Sure with right awareness they provide an amazing vehicle for growth but for me it’s all about putting more goodness into the world.

5 Ways to Feel Positive1. Feel Positive with Interdependence

Yup, grab some more appreciation for realizing that we are all intimately connected. Nothing in this universe is random. We are not alone, the world isn’t against us and we don’t have to be against any other person, place or thing. Our fears, insecurities and mind chatter are nothing more than what we allow them to be. If we make them significant, they become so. If we realize that we live in a web and everything is synchronistically organized for your positive evolution and growth; Life becomes Great and you’ll feel positive!

2. Feel Positive by Shifting Your Focus

I can find shitty things about everyone. YES EVERYONE (including myself)! I can pick myself and people apart so easily. That’s what I call the low road. The high road requires a little more effort, a little more energy and a lot more focus. Sure it’s not as easy, but it’s well worth it. There’s something I teach people called “projection”. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are constantly projecting what you feel within yourself onto others.

This means that all the flaws you see in others are only visible because you are presently expressing them within yourself. Ouch… Did that Hurt? Let me say that again, “What you see, you express within”. Jealousy, greed, guilt, fear, anger, arrogance…. the list goes on and on.

Now if you shift your focus and begin to see greatness, love, compassion, integrity, patience, authenticity…(this list is also endless)… that’s what you’ll express too. Feeling positive begins with your focus.

3. Feel Positive with Kindness

Random acts of kindness are like an infectious disease, they’re contagious. Be the kindness that this world so desperately needs. Show somebody else that the world is not against them. Last week a good friend of mine was running across a bridge here in Vancouver towards Stanley Park and there was a guy getting ready to end his life by jumping off. My buddy walked over to him and said, “Hey Man, Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE YOU!” He never jumped!

You never know how far reaching your kind words and actions can touch others. I end my stressful days with a long hug with anyone around me. Sometimes its even strangers. Kindness breads feeling positive.

4. Feel Positive by Cultivating Curiosity

When you connect with others do you find that you’re comparing their words and behaviours to your value system? If you are you are judging them. Judging breeds negativity and puts more crap into this world. We all have different values and will live according to them. Yet when we judge other people we only harm and hurt ourselves. (Remember, it’s like projection).

The opposite of judgement is curiosity. I invite you to be more curious about others. Look at them with curious amazement. “Wow, that’s interesting that you……?” And bask in that space and energy. This will not only provide an amazing vehicle for more growth, it will also help you feel even more positive.

5. Feel Positive by being Honest

Last week I got an email that put tears into my eyes. It pretty much told me that I was being a disrespectful, arrogant ass. Now I could have sent this email into my trash and completely disregarded it. But I don’t belive in random acts of anything. It was written and sent to me for a greater purpose. In this case, to check my ego. So I took an honest look within myself to see how I was showing up in that way.

I have integrated a lot and grown so much because somebody was honest with me and as a result I took an honest look within myself. Being honest is so simple, but in todays world is a rare commodity. Telling the truth is liberating. It takes a massive weight off our shoulders. And it makes room for something greater… Feeling Positive.

Time to start Rockin those Positive Vibes!

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To Your Mastery,

Dr. Sukhi