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Get to know Dr. Sukhi

I am a lover of life and know that anything is possible… I have big audacious dreams and incorporate unconventional ways of achieving them. I believe we are Conscious Beings having a Physical, Mental & Emotional experience called LIFE. I embrace that LIFE is a gift and how we live it is a gift back to humanity.

My inspiration comes from living and empowering people to live with Extraordinary Happiness, Health and Wealth (both inner & outer). I believe that the journey of life is the greatest teacher. I share from real world experience, the latest science and draw knowledge and wisdom from hundreds of disciplines.

My days begin at 4:50am and weave through them as a doc, ultra-endurance athlete & family man.

the doc

To me Doctor = Teacher! Professionally, I’m an Exercise Physiologist and Doctor of Chiropractic. I graduated at the top of my academic classes with Distinction, on the Deans List and with Clinical Honours. I’ve been in private practice for over 10 years becoming an award winning doctor and have created a second-generation Integrative model for health, healing and human potential. I write, I speak globally and open Integrative Health Centers internationally. I love to bio-hack, brain-hack, consciously-hack and nutritionally-hack the mind-body to maximize our innate potential.

the ultra endurance athlete

As a child I grew up playing competitive sports; Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Baseball, Wrestling and Martial Arts. Hockey had been my thing for 29 years, but in 2006 I hung up my skates and exchanged them for a pair of runners. Over the past 9 years I’ve transformed my body from a bulky 185lb muscle head that bench-pressed over 300lbs to a lean ultra-endurance athlete at 4.5% body fat. I’ve raced 5km’s to marathons to ultra-marathons 100 miles long and triathlons. I’ve ran for over 22 hours straight with no breaks. I’ve had multiple AG top 10 and podium finishes. I set my Ironman personal record finishing in 9:34 at the age of 40, and trained less than 12 hours/week. As a coach, I’ve developed a model for endurance athletes that allows them to train less, recover better and race faster. This makes endurance sports “healthy”, sustainable and allows for better lifestyle balance and quality of living.

the family man

I have the great fortune of being married to the person that was meant for me. My wife, Kate Muker, is my best friend and partner in life. We laugh, cry, create and grow together everyday. She is the CEO of Conscious Divas, the rock of my life and the most extraordinary mother I’ve ever been witness to. Last year we welcomed our daughter, Indira, into our lives. Becoming a father has been the greatest blessing of my life. I never imagined the depth of love I could have for this beautiful being. The best parts of my day are spent connecting with family and close friends.

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