Are You GIving Away Your Power?

Do you find that there are times that you take other peoples opinions over your own gut feeling. That’s called giving your Power away and that’s what I was going through with my new book title. So if you’re ever feeling low, depleted or dejected because of this, you are giving away your power too. And it Sucks!

There are 4 very specific emotions that you’ll experience when you’re in your power. In this Vlog you’ll learn what they are. You’ll also learn how to take in other peoples ideas and opinions yet stay in your place power. That’s what’s truly extraordinary, because life is all about collaboration. And when you collaborate you can live bigger and be more powerful.

Let me know what you think.
Live Large,

Dr. Sukhi

4 Comments on Are You GIving Away Your Power?

  1. Hey Suke great video man. Glad you nailed down the book title from what you wanted bro!

    I think it’s important to understand when people are stealing your power too. Recently when I was down in Miami at an event I was speaking with the co-founder of the company I work with in which I was thanking him. His response was amazing, he threw that power back at me saying “you’re the one doing the work and changing your life.” He never once took credit, and only focused on me. I realized from then, not only can I stay in my own power, but I can throw my power back to others. I left the conversation feeling incredible about myself, opposed to incredible about the co-founder. It was amazing.

    I believe it’s important to not dilute your ideas from other opinions, but I also believe it’s important to give your power away to empower others raising the bar of their own level of self-worth. Since then, I’ve become aware of when I’m stealing power and when I’m giving it away and it’s become awesome! Major leadership boost.

    • Great point Ryan. The waves flow in and out. You can give it away or people can steal it from you. Keep in mind that when you’re empowering others, you’re not giving your power away, instead you’re inviting them to join you on a new rung of the ladder of life. That’s what the co-founder was doing for you, extending you a hand and pulling you up.

  2. Chris says:

    Thank u again. I lost my enthusiasm for my biz idea and just grabbed it back today. For so many things I can’t b bothered to type out now I was pulled away n today I decided what I wanted to do to stand out from the crowd. Love your work my friend and hanks

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