Are you in the Flow of Awesomeness?

When you get into Flow you will fully express the gift that you are!

“Regardless of what happens in your outer world you have the capacity to remain poised in your inner world. It is not so much the outer world that determines your destiny. It is more the way you perceive and interpret it, make decisions about it and how you take actions upon it. You are the captain of your ship and the master of your destiny. Allow yourself to be extraordinary and dare to be magnificent!” -Dr. John Demartini

Dr. J has been a mentor of mine for the past 11 years. He seriously Rocks! If you don’t know who he is check him out. Like me he’s a vitalistic chiropractor (not to be confused with a mechanistic chiropractor) and he was the only expert in the movie/book “The Secret” that’s a multi-billionaire. His work has played a huge role in helping me achieve both inner and outer health, wealth and happiness. Yesterday my wife pulled this quote from him on his FB account and I instantly knew I was going to write about it this week.

Time to get back into Flow

Over the weekend Kate and I went to an 80’s party and had an absolute blast. A friend in our family turned 40 and wanted to kick it “old school” dancing into the next 10 years of her life. Super fun and cool! It really got me thinking as I was went to my parents to pick up my old biker jacket from 1989 as it was a part of my outfit.

Are you in the Flow of Awesomeness

Now I did win the best costume prize…. Nice!…But I was thinking about the time in my life when I was wearing that jacket everyday. I was 16 years old and totally immersed in the darkness of life. You can read more about that here! But Dr. J talks about remaining poised in your inner world regardless of what’s going on around you. This is so powerful because back in 89 I thought my outer world was who I was. I thought I was the chaos that surrounded me. And so many of you also believe that your outer world is you too because you let it disrupt the powerful infinite being that you are within. As a result you begin to dim the light within you and achieve a lot less in your outer world. The good news is that that infinite you can be accessed by getting back into Flow regardless of what’s happening around you.

Your outside world has nothing to do with where your life is going to end up. The way you percive your outside world has everything to do with your destiny. You see, life is all about perceptions. When I was at that party the 80’s music was bringing me back to so many memories of challenge, hardships, heartache and pain. Yet I was in a place of gratitude and peace with all of it. That’s because my perceptions today tell me that all those challenges were gifts from the universe. Gifts to help me rethink the decisions I was making. Gifts to help me take new actions on my outer world. Truly that’s what challenges are, opportunities in disguise. And when you interpret them this way you step back into Flow with the universe.

Are you in Flow?

Well…, are you??? How do you interpret and percieve your outer world? Does your outside world get you up or down? Happy or sad? Vibrant or dark? If you let the experiences around you dictate the feelings within you, I’m sorry to say this, but you are a disempowered person. You are not a Master of your destiny. If the wind of life is strong you will get beat up and knocked over. It will express as illness, disease, negative thinking, low energy, judgements, poverty complex, fear of the future, the list goes on and on. It’s a disconnection from the powerful, omnipotent and masterful being that you truly are. You will not achieve the results that you desire in your outer world. You must know that your inner world dictates what shows up in your outer world. End of story!

Now, did you notice that I said disconnect. That means that all you have to do is re-connect. And when you re-connect you get back into Flow. And FLow = Awesomeness both with-in and with-out… : ) You are the captain of your own ship and master of your destiny. In the 80’s I created that life. Today, I created this life.

It’s Never too Late!

Now’s a pretty good time to start living your life like the amazing, awesome, infinite being that you are. So I dare you to be magnificent this week. All I want you to do is observe yourself. As shit hits the fan in your outer world observe who you are being in your inner world. Are you coming from your low small self or higher infinite self? Again, do your best to have NO judgements! Just observe and watch to see what comes up. I assure you you’ll have some great revelations.

Know that you are awesome just the way you are. And that greatness can be expressed in all that you do regardless of what shows up in your world. As you observe more, you will change the way you percieve and interpret your world. And that will provide to be the catalyst for transformation as you take inspired action from a place of Flow!

Best of Luck my friends!

To Your Mastery,

Dr. Sukhi

Oh ya, I would also love to know how your life has changed since the 80’s below… : ) I’m guessing a lot!