Are You Lazy or Productive

Is resting and taking the time to do nothing, time well spent? Are you being Lazy or Productive?

The answer to this is…. It Depends! In this Vlog I’ll help you become crystal clear on whether you’re being lazy or just burning out. Once you know this you’ll then be able to make the necessary adjustments in your life. As a result, You’ll Be Way More Productive in every facet of your life.

To Your Mastery,

Dr. Sukhi

2 Comments on Are You Lazy or Productive

  1. Pete says:

    In all my mending and healing I’ve had to learn how to end the ‘manic’ – which just about killed me and embrace the fertile stillness. Somewhere between our intrinsic natures and our outer world engagements there is that Center Point of Being.

    It’s hard to figure out as the outer world with all its demands is always pulling while the inner stillness is always calling!


    • Love that Pete… Fertile Stillness! Let’s all move towards the calling!

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