Are You Living a Masterpiece?

Let’s find out if you’re Living Your Masterpiece?

Take a moment right now and think about what it means to you when you hear the word “Masterpiece”. Do you think of amazing classical art from Leonardo da Vinci or Michaelangelo or music from Mozart? Or perhaps it’s a talent or genius mind such as Thomas Edison and his Light Bulb or Albert Einstein and his Theory of Relativity.

What’s a Masterpiece?

I personally used to think it was the absolute best work that a person could produce and this piece could take any form, shape or personal expression of one’s life work. Well, I learned I was wrong. After doing some research I learned that the definition of ‘masterpiece’ refers to something that a journeyman (a graduated apprentice) creates to get the ultimate promotion to becoming admitted into the realm of a professional guild, to BE a “Master”. Therefore, it’s not the culmination of one’s life work, instead it’s a project that one uses to prove their skills. If this piece meets the criteria of other masters in that specialized trade they will now be able to offer their own services under their name and be considered a Master.

For example, this project could be the making of a piece of furniture. How well were the woods chosen, did they match the enamel, engrave, the decorative inlays of metal, amber or stone, etc. It would demonstrate the absolute highest technical skills in finishing and polishing and the greatest precision and flawlessness. It takes an immense amount of skill, patience, perfection and perseverance as this piece of work would be scrutinized to the smallest details.

Are you Living Your Masterpiece?

Creating a masterpiece is therefore an end and a beginning at the same time. It’s a moment of transition from journeyman to becoming recognized for their personal work as a Master. Before this piece all of the journeymans work would be credited to the Master to whose shop they worked at and apprenticed with. This is where things get interesting. Some journeyman or craftsman would rather never attempt their masterpiece because they are content earning a good wage year in and year out. Creating a Masterpiece requires risk and courage. It could take one to the next level of a recognized Master. Yet without the strength from within to PROVE they are a master they will never be recognised as one.

So one could actaully be at the level of a master, but because they never put it all on the line by creating their masterpiece for the world to scrutinize, they would never have the ‘proof’ to say that they lived up to their full potential.

A Masterpiece in Today’s Modern World

If you are living your Masterpiece you have a high standard of performance, present something to the world and allowed it to be critiqued by the best in your chosen field. More importantly, undertaking your masterpiece opens the door to an entirely new world of personal exploration, as mastery is an individual journey because you are no longer a part of other apprentices as you are free to set your own goals and challenges. Ultimately it is choosing to be the master of one’s own destiny.

If you are living your masterpiece you are the final authority of your personal expression, work and development. You are choosing your own path and contribution to the world. This is a great challenge to leave the safe shores of the harbor and set sail on new courageous adventures. Many peeps will never feel ready to attempt their masterpeice.

You Are Special!

Because you are reading this right now, I know you are different. You have a calling deep within you that is yearning for its distinct expression in this fabric called life. You are free to rise to the test whenever you choose and that is both exciting and inspiring. You have the potential to make your masterpiece and the beauty of life is that it may be anything you desire.

So what are you waiting for? The world is waiting for your Masterpiece to shine. And I would love for you to share that masterpiece with me below.

“Truly successful people don’t waste time making excuses, they find a way to do what they love and make their masterpiece happen”

To Your Mastery,

Dr. Sukhi