Are you Planning to Fail in 2013

Are you planning to fail in 2013? Sounds a little harsh.. right. Does anybody truly plan to fail in life? I believe that you have no intention of failing in 2013, but you may be subconsciously setting yourself up for failure. In this Vlog I expand on how you may be doing this without your conscious awareness.

This Vlog is all about the process of getting crystal clear that you’re not planning to fail by simply failing to plan (you may want to read that again).The universe can’t give you anything if you don’t have a plan. That plan is a confirmation to the universe and I’m going to show you a fun and creative process that will allow you to do just that.

Thanks for Tuning IN,

Dr. Sukhi

2 Comments on Are you Planning to Fail in 2013

  1. Kitty Bardsley says:

    Greetings Sukhi, I’m so excited and happy to hear your news! Congratulation to you and your lovely Kate!
    Totally agree with what you’ve said, it just makes logical sense.

  2. Chris says:

    Yeah!!!! We have our wall covered with old and blank and evolving vision boards and i am going to do what you are. I am going to reflect on the old ones and make some space if they r to be moved on from. I am going to get my plans down with Tamara and figure what i want to feel and do and have in my life and our life! I am stoked to do this because it IS my only life. … I wonder shat is going to pop up and manifest in my wall and life… Thanks for being you Sukhi and for your words this past two years and your awesome book. I am getting thru it and marking it up! Congrats again! Parenthood is a treasure that not everyone can find but i am certain you will. Hope to see you again soon.

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