Balancing Your Life – The Key to Awesomeness

Balancing Your LifeBalancing Your Life… is now a good time to start?

Your ultimate guide to experiencing more awesomeness is through balancing your life.  This very simple exercise is one of the most powerful processes I have used to help people take an honest look at their life!

In this video I have divided life into my signature 10 different areas.  The more we can Master each of these areas the greater the likelihood we will create pure awesomeness with more inner fulfillment and outer success.

This simple exercise is THE fastest way to objectively look at your life to help you see where you are showing up fully and where you need to place more focus, attention and energy.

Check this video out on balancing your life!

This diagram will put it into plain and simple terms and let you know if you are truly balancing your life.  Like the wheel of a vehicle rolling down the road is it smooth with a large diameter or is your wheel riding bumpy and unsteadily?

Once you’ve drawn your circle divide it into 10 equal pieces of pie.  Next you will label each piece with the ten different areas of the Master Your Life wheel; the key to balancing your life:  Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual, Financial, Vocational, Character, Social, Family, Emotional and Quality of Life. All of the areas required for balancing your life.

Now you must make a scale within each area with the center of the circle marking a zero and the end of the pie marking a ten.  If you are very strong in an area you would score it as ten, if you are very weak you would score it as zero.  For example,  If you look at your Physical Life and your not diseased yet you are not a poster boy for optimal physical health you may be a 6 or 7.  Mark a line on the Physical area at that level and fill the area below that line.

Continue this process for every area so you can determine how well you’re balancing your life.  When you are finished you will have all ten areas shaded in and you will actually see that the balancing your life wheel has formed.  This wheel represents how well you are navigating and rolling through the journey of life which is constantly under construction.  You are always moving through life with the grace and symmetry of this wheel.

You may find that in some areas you are doing extremely well and in other areas not so well.  If you are not balancing your life well this wheel is not going to be rolling so smoothly.

Your balancing your life wheel will give you an objective measure to show you where you are in your life.  Where you’re strong and where you’re weak.  Or you may find that you have great symmetry in all ten areas, but the actual diameter of your wheel is too small.  If this is the case you want to be able to expand and grow, get out of your comfort zone and experience life a little more making the balancing your life wheel larger.

Maximum growth and evolution of your life grows between the border of support and challenge.  Too much support you will become complacent, too much challenge life may beat you down.  Yet right in the middle you will soar and BE in FLOW!

Some of you may have a great symmetrical wheel that is quite large.  If that’s you, awesome, congrats, you’re rockin it!  And know that you can continue to play even bigger in all areas if you choose to.

Remember the road of life is always under construction and you are the driver controlling your balancing your life wheel.

I would love to know what you think of this process and if you have any “aha’s” as a result of watching this video.  If this provided value for you please click the Facebook “like” button, tell your friends about this goodness and leave a comment.

To Your Mastery,

Dr. Sukhi

And Remember… Balancing Your Life starts with your awareness!