Becoming What You Believe

“Whether you believe you can do it or cannot, either way you’re right”

The single most powerful faculty YOU have is the power to believe. When I was 14 years old I realized that I could accomplish ANYTHING that I believed in. Although at that age I didn’t understand the architecture of how this fully worked, I believed it.

At that young age, I experienced that when I believed in something whole heartedly to my core, and never waivered from that belief, it was only a matter of time before that belief became a physical reality. It’s an interesting idea… Maybe I was naive, maybe I was stupid, but I loved to dream and I dreamed so much bigger than the people, places and things that surrounded me at the time.

Eventually these dreams would turn into obsessions. They would inundate my mind and begin to even haunt me. So much so that they would become the sole focus of my conscious attention. At times I even thought that I was “losing it” in my mind because I couldn’t concentrate on anything else.

“It’s not who you are that holds you back in life, it’s who you BELIEVE you are”

Whenever I let these dreams peculate within me to this extent the final result would be an extraordinary knowing, I would BELIEVE.

This feeling of “believe” would become so convincing that everything I would look at would be seen from the filters of those beliefs. If I believed people were dishonest and corrupt I would see that. If I believed people were kind and loving, I would find that.

To really pick up what I’m putting down you have to understand that your life has been created based on a set of beliefs. Most of those beliefs came from the people you spent most of your time with from birth to age 7. Yes, that young! For most people it’s their parents. And your parents adopted their beliefs from their parents. See the cycle and trend.

Becoming What You Believe

In life, we create our beliefs and then gather support from the environment to support those beliefs. It’s as simple as that. If there’s ANY area of your life that you’d like to improve all you have to do is change what you believe.

“If you hear a voice within you saying “You can’t do it”, then by all means do it and that voice will be silenced”

There is a completely different physiological state when you believe something. WIthout getting into the “heady” science of it all, you’re hormones, chemicals, enzymes and neurological synaptic connections are completely different when you believe.

The focus of what you believe will actually determine your quality of health, wealth and happiness. Yes, what you believe has a direct correlation to your quality of life. If you believe it sucks… it will! If you believe it’s extraordinary… you will be extraordinary.

I surround myself with extraordinary peeps every week. As a result, I’m able to cultivate what I believe more and more. Yes, just like flowers and plants we need to nurture and cultivate what we believe in, because if we don’t they will die.

“What do you believe…. When the voice and vision on the inside becomes louder and clearer than the opinions of others on the outside, you’ve mastered your life!”

Here’s the deal! In my completely unscientific clinical study of humanity, I found that 99.9% of people will completely give up on their biggest, most audacious and extraordinary dreams. WHY? Because they let the vibrational consciousness of humanity dictate their beliefs.

In English… Humanity is so caught up in the fear of failure, the fear of disease, the fear of poverty, the fear of being alone, the fear of… (this list is freakin endless). That we actually begin to expect and believe that we’re not good enough, we’ll get diseased, we can’t create enough abundance to have extraordinary experiences or that we settle for the wrong life partner because having a less than ideal one is better than none at all.

We’ve settled my friends. Humanity has forgotten about our birth right. Our birth right to live with vitality, energy and radiance to 125 years old (because that’s what we’re wired for). Our birth right as conscious creators. Yes, you’re a conscious creator of everything in your life… Your health, wealth, family, relationships, connection to spirit, everything!

And because you’re a conscious creator all you have to do is dream a little and then believe with unwavering intent until it shows up in your life. Some things will appear in minutes, others in days and weeks and others in years. Yes YEARS! A little patience anyone?

The bigger your dream, the more patient you MAY have to be. But it all comes down to you, because YOU have complete control. All you have to do is set up the rituals to believe. You can find some of my rituals here.

“And Remember… Success comes in CAN’s, not cant’s.”

To Your Mastery,

Dr. Sukhi