Being HAPPY and finding your BLISS

Being Happy Tips…

I’m not sure if you know this, but when you’re Being Happy you are on the fast track to connecting with your BLISS and purpose. Before we get into these tips let’s get clearer on a few things. Being Happy is not about being elated, euphoric or having peak experiences that don’t last throughout your day. It’s not about being superficial on the outside to put on a facade to friends and family. The truth is that being happy has no connection to any specific emotion. You can actually have any emotion when you’re being happy. You might be thinking “what the #@$!”. “I thought being happy was about lighting it up with shots of Tequila and laughing our faces off. Nope, Sorry, Being Happy is something far greater than that.

The reality is that you may experience sadness, anger, fear, or even guilt while being happy because it’s an underlying state of power, peace, well-being and certainty. From this underlying state within you, you will be able to bring happiness to all of your experiences rather than trying to suck the life, vitality and happiness out of the people, places and things around you. Once you begin being happy you live FROM a state of happiness and will stop manipulating the world around you.  Instead you will BRING happiness to the people, places and things around you. Sound Cool? It is!

Being Happy

Being Happy Tip # 1 – Choose to BE Happy

To create a culture of consistently happy people, we must first choose to be happy. Nope, this is not rocket science. Every morning when I get up I go through my morning rituals. One of them is making the CHOICE to being happy. Now this may sound pretty easy and when life is going great and you’re in FLOW, being happy is pretty easy. On the flip side if you’re having a challenging day, hitting some speed bumps or even road blocks, making this choice may be a little more challenging.

Years ago I invited some friends up to Vancouver and we planned a week long snowboarding trip up to Whistler. A few of these guys had flown several hours to be here and I promised an extraordinary boarding experience. The challenge with Whistler is that when the conditions are good the mountain rocks and you can tear it up. But when the conditions are not so good, it’s one of the worst boarding experiences. As luck would have it, that week gave our group horrible conditions. After the third day of things not changing the energy and vitality of this group of doctors and personal growth junkies was waning. Practice what you preach anyone???

So rather than let the circumstances outside of us dictate the circumstances within us, I decided to choose to be happy and bring that vibe to everyone around me. I put on my helmet, started dancing around and began entertaining everyone. As the vibe changed I grabbed my boarding stuff and shovel and made a quarter pipe at the bottom of our chalet. We spent the next 3 days getting air time off that jump and never hit the slopes once because the conditions were so bad. Weeks later I received emails from everyone saying that it was one of the most fun trips they had been on. Here’s me being happy in my Glory!

Being Happy

Being Happy Tip # 2 – PRACTICE Being Happy

Practice makes PERFECT my friends! The simple act of pursuing or practicing something from moment to moment to moment… creates a physiological and neurological program within us. Ultimately leading to perfection, ummm…. AWESOME! Innately we begin to crave these behaviours. The opposite can be said for those pursuits and practices that move us away from being happy and living our BLISS. Are you picking up what I’m putting down??? We all have the right to practice happiness and not chase after it. So do me a massive favour and stop looking for happiness outside of you and begin practising happiness from within.

My journey to being addicted to practice happiness was quite simple. I began living from the power and certainty within me, not the circumstances around me. The truth is that Life pretty much gives me a knee capping every week… Ouch, it hurts too! But people who are perpetually happy do not have anything special that you are missing. But what they do have are specific habits. It’s as simple as that. The Key to Being Happy is to practice bringing happiness to all those cool things around you.

Here’s what I do… I give out awards! It was inspired by Marci Shimoff from “Happy For No Reason”. Yesterday Kate and I had a date day and we were checking peeps out downtown. Rather than looking people up and down and judging them, we looked them up and down and awarded them. The Sukhi award for…. best hair, best make-up, best walk, coolest boots, coolest vehicle, Kate and I even gave out an award for best ass to this attractive woman running to her Yoga class. This list went on and on and we had so much fun seeing the goodness and bliss in everyone.

The big news flash is that being happy is a choice! And, being happy is a daily practice.

SO… start with this Cool Process:

1. DEVELOP one habit in your daily life that will have the greatest positive impact to you BEING HAPPY.  Write it down and start rockin it… Right NOW!

2. REMOVE one habit in your daily life that will have the greatest positive impact to you BEING HAPPY.  Write it down, crumple up that piece of paper and BURN IT… Yes that’s right, BURN that MoFo… Right NOW!

I can’t wait to see you rockin your BLISS and being happy from the inside-out! Before you get up right NOW I want you to write down what you are going to DEVELOP and what you are going to REMOVE. And let me know what they are below so I can hold you accountable.  Because what this world needs are more people being happy and spreading their goodness and greatness to the world.

To Your Mastery,

Dr. Sukhi

“You are what you repeatedly do… Being Happy is a CHOICE and PRACTICE!”