Beyond Body Beyond Mind Episode 2

Episode 2 of another big idea and strategy from my new book Beyond Body Beyond MInd, being released October 18. Expanding on the quote, “It’s Never too late to Become the thing you’ve always dreamed of”. I also share what the killer of our dreams is and how you must avoid it like the Plague.

In Gratitude,

Dr. Sukhi

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  1. Safena says:

    Hi Sukhi

    I totally get what you are saying about being good at the wrong thing. It can be a trap in a sense. I have often thought well I’m good at my job so I guess I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing! But the fact that I’m a good legal secretary doesn’t necessarily mean that’s it for me. Thank you for removing one more excuse that keeps me in my fears and limitations.


    • That’s great Safena! Yes it’s a slippery slope with being good at the wrong thing. Does if fuel your calling and purpose in life? Does it make you jump out of bed with enthusiasm and excitement to create your day?

  2. Chris says:


  3. Caroline Wickham says:

    ~ WoW!…Dr.Sukhi…you have answered a question here that I have been asking myself but, too afraid to ask anyone else – ‘can a person in their 60’s still find it within the range of possibility to become fulfilled…to follow a dream?’ After putting aside my original career in order to support and raise a family, I now find the space opening, yet I feared it was just too late!
    Thank you for this exciting push!

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