Dr. Sukhi Muker is an award-winning doctor, bestselling author, and global speaker. As an advanced biohacker, he’s spent nearly 30 years studying Neuroscience, Cell Biology and Quantum Physics as it relates to health, healing, and actualizing human potential. Today, he’s considered an authority on Human Potential and developing innovative strategies. He is a master at developing people through his Neural Integration, Activation and Coherence techniques, touching the lives of hundreds of thousands worldwide and helping them heal, shatter their limits, and achieve extraordinary results in every area of life. 

He has utilized his powerful strategies to overcome the darker shades of life, become a seven-time Ironman finisher, and complete challenging 100-mile ultramarathons with successful podium finishes. He is the founder of the Centre for Optimal Living, wellness centres located throughout North America that specialize in helping people integrate the cause of their health concerns. He is CTO of Allysian Sciences, an international brain nootropic and technology company helping millions worldwide to maximize human potential. He's a Master Coach of professional athletes, CEOs, and high-powered entrepreneurs, helping them expand their six-to-nine figure enterprises. He coaches and mentors wellness professionals globally, and is the bestselling author of Beyond Body Beyond Mind: Overcome Uncertainty, Transcend Challenge & Fulfill Your Dreams!

Dr. Sukhi has a loving, charismatic and endearing style that receives accolades. He lives in West Vancouver, BC, Canada with his wife, Kate Muker, and two daughters.

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