What's Your #1 Healing & Growth Obstacle? 

Dr. Sukhi Muker is a respected figure in the realm of wellness and holistic health, doubling as a global speaker and bestselling author of 'Beyond Body Beyond Mind'. His journey of over 20 years in clinical practice and 10 years guiding wellness professionals, has been instrumental in advancing his unique understanding of health, healing and wellness.

Known for bridging Neuroscience, Cell Biology, and Quantum Physics to address health and healing, Dr. Sukhi has developed and refined techniques that transform lives, by supporting nervous system integration and regulation. These include the hands-on Neural Integration method for practitioners and the transformative Neural Activation and Neural Coherence techniques, which combine meditation, breathing, and quantum healing.

Dr. Sukhi's profound strategies have empowered thousands, and he has personally employed them to overcome the darker shades of his life. His impressive feats include completion of seven Ironman races and reaching the podium in a demanding 100-mile ultra-marathon.

In his mission to make a difference, Dr. Sukhi aims to uplift the collective human consciousness, driving towards a world rich in peace, authenticity, and love. He believes in the power of the human mind and body, encouraging others to rewire their nervous systems, activate their inner wisdom, and address health concerns at the root for lasting vitality and growth.

Known for his engaging and approachable style, Dr. Sukhi makes a lasting impact on those he interacts with. He resides in West Vancouver, BC, Canada, sharing his life with his wife, Kate Muker, and their two daughters.

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© 2024 Kois Consulting Inc. -

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