Beyond Body Beyond Mind

Fearlessly honest and bold, the wisdom and practical tools within these pages are the catalyst for transforming your dreams into your reality. With his insightful and incisive prose, Dr. Sukhi reveals how you can live the life you’ve always dreamed about—how we are hardwired to express extraordinary levels of health, happiness and abundance. Dr. Sukhi courageously shares his story, including his experience with some of the darkest shades of life.

At 18, he was a high-school dropout immersed in crime, violence and drugs. After hitting rock bottom and almost losing his life, Dr. Sukhi started a remarkable, life-changing journey. Today he is an award winning doctor, speaker and ultra- endurance athlete. Beyond Body Beyond Mind shares Dr. Sukhi’s pioneering work in a simple

and accessible science that explores and reveals the universal laws that underlie our existence: a true, powerful and enlightened way of being. The 9 Strategies to Personal Power are the foundation of this transformational process that frees you to access your inner power and overcome everything that holds you back. Learn how to release negative thought patterns and replace them with positive, productive ways of thinking. Overcome uncertainty, transcend challenges and turn past pain into purpose. Get past feeling lost, stuck, mired in challenging relationships and harboring fear of failure (and success). With Beyond Body Beyond

Mind as your guide, you will learn, grow and heal. You’ll reconnect with the person you truly are and the life you were meant to live. You will begin to produce extraordinary results in every area of your life.

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