Monday Activate Your Life – Call Recordings

March 23 – Increasing Your Frequency During Times of Uncertainty

March 30 – How We Can Transcend the Present Environment Around Us

April 6 – Transcending Your Resistance

April 13 – Becoming Unified Within and in the Field

This one is only available in our facebook group as the recording did not work.

April 20 – Priming Your Nervous System to Create from Your Infinite Self

April 27 – How Patterns Run Our Narrative

May 4 – Be, Do, Have Paradigm

May 11 – Being More, Art of Mastering the Be, Do & Have Paradigm

May 18 – The Universal Principle of Contraction and Expansion

May 25 – Shifting Negative Thought Patterns

May 25 – Shifting Negative Thought Patterns

June 1 – Transcending Global Wounds

June 8 – 5 Step Process for Transforming Fear in Times of Uncertainty

June 15 – Understanding Emotions

June 22 – How to Heal, Rejuvenate and Actualize Your Life

June 29 – How to Decode and Recode the Biological Loops from Your Past

July 6th – Understanding How Your Confirmation Bias Affects Your Experiences

July 13th – Human Being vs. Human Doing

July 20th – How to Stop or Create ANY Behaviour

July 27th – Discover How to Overcome Emotional Triggers