Coaching & Consulting for Chiropractors & Integrative Health Care Practitioners

Do you envision creating a dream practice where people could express their full life potential? Where you could educate, empower and facilitate peoples greatest expression; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? Can you imagine doing this ALL on your terms, based on YOUR value systems? It’s time to stop imagining and start creating.

Dr. Sukhi will help you understand your goals, values and dreams from the inside-out and help you put them into action for real world results. Dr. Sukhi is a vitalistic Chiropractor that has his dream practice in West Vancouver, BC. He also creates dream practices internationally and in exotic locations around the globe with close friend and business partner Dr. Bradley Rauch. Together they have over 45 years of experience in a vitalistic health care paradigm.

Want to “tweak” your present practice for more success? Want to create a new dream practice? Want to partner with Dr. Sukhi and Dr. Bradley Internationally? If you are a heart centred Chiropractor or Integrative Health Care Practitioner and want to serve more, play more and fully express your potential in all that you be, do and have… then you’re in the right place.

You Will:

– Get Crystal Clear on your Vision and Purpose
– Create a dream practice for under $30k (or get leaner in your present practice)
– Serve more efficiently and have rock solid Business Systems
– Increase your Personal Power to Achieve your Life’s Mission
– Have more Balance and Fulfillment in your Life
– Transform your Health & Wellbeing
– Increase your Certainty & Confidence
– Become a Leader

Coaching is an investment of your hard-earned money, time, and energy. If what you’ve read resonates and you think there could be a fit let’s have a No BS, No Gimmicky Sales, Real Deal, Authentic coaching conversation on anything you want to work through. This way you can experience it first hand…

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