Does the Universe Have Your Back?

Does the Universe Have Your BackI dunno, does the universe have your back?

Enjoy this vlog as I share how I’ve been feeling a little off and what I was and wasn’t doing over the past few weeks.

So there you have it friends.

Take home points:

1. Tune IN and Turn ON

2. Listen, Listen, Listen… the Universe leaves clues

3. Comparison Kills

4. So… Does the universe have your back?

To Your Mastery,

Dr. Sukhi

6 Comments on Does the Universe Have Your Back?

  1. Nice Sukhi! Great stuff man you must have a stellar camera crew. 🙂 Honestly, yes I’ve felt your energy was off the past couple weeks. I attributed it to you pretty much working your ass off with all the projects you’ve got on the go…

    Really good advice about allowing yourself to listen instead of fighting the flow. Amazing what happens when we tap into that instead of being a single strong individual.

    Great video and congrats on being in flow!

  2. Hey Sukhi,

    I know that scenario far too well! I’ve been cleansing for the last week or so and have been tuning in and turning on and the light went on. Things are so clear now, I feel aligned and moving in the right direction! Love when that happens, 🙂

    Great video, makes me pine for the ocean. I’m assuming from Ryan’s post that he was your stellar camera crew, well done guys! 🙂

  3. @Ryan Getting back into Flow in a Big way and it feels great. Life isn’t about getting easier it’s about being more in FLow and becoming more accountable, listen, listen and keep listening!

    @Nicole Awesome! Glad you’re back in game too, doesn’t it feel like a breathe of fresh air. Actually Kate was my camera crew, she did great!

  4. Great to see you back (no pun intended doc!) – I SO get this!! I’ve been pushing pretty hard myself lately. I need to ease up, even if just a little, and let what I’m asking for come to me!!

    Thanks for the great reminder!!

  5. Strong points my friend. Sometimes small setbacks lead to huge gains, with some reflection.
    Appreciating victories and building upon them no matter how small, can really help.

    Live it LOUD!

  6. @Lorri, Thanks, I am so “back”. Had an amazing 2 hour seminar yesterday and it was On Fire! Easing up pays huge dividends down the road.

    @Rob, Living it loudly my friend! Yes, every set back is a blessing in disguise, it’s just our journey to figure all that out.

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