Excel Your Growth through Celebrating

Are you saying that partying, getting crazy and celebrating is good for me?

“The more you praise and start Celebrating your Life, the more there’s in life to Celebrate.” -Oprah Winfrey

Growth Through Celebrating

Have you made time to Celebrate lately? Most peeps in our world are so focused on what’s next that they lose sight of the finer things they’ve accomplished in their life. I believe that celebrating is a lost art in Western Culture. And it breads Pestilence!

Let me explain. You set yourself on course for this Big, Phat, Audacious, Extraordinary Dream, Idea or Goal. It might be to lose 10 pounds, enter a race, open up a well overdue conversation with a loved one to clear the air, purchasing a shiny new toy, getting accepted into a school/program, getting a promotion, completing a project or meeting a deadline… whatever, the list goes on and on.

Why Celebrating Matters

Every time you Celebrate you send a confirmation to the Universe saying, “Ya Baby, Give me some More of this Goodness!” Because every time you accomplish something or at least get forward momentum in the direction of your desires your internal resonance, or thermostat increases. You pretty much start to vibe at a higher vibration and tone physiologically. Who doesn’t want more goodness vibes???

While you’re having this forward momentum, if you don’t celebrate, you stunt the integration of these cool new vibes and the universe says, “Hmmm, not sure if you’re worthy of all this coolness, because you’re sending me some mixed messages?”

It’s time to Stop sending the universe mixed messages. Most people will begin the self sabotaging before their desires even arrive. “Oh it’s too hard; I can’t do it; It’s too much work; What will they say; I’m not pretty enough; I’m not good enough…the self sabotage is endless!”

Others will achieve something and then forget the magnitude of their accomplishments. Rather than looking back and reminiscing about the path they’ve just travelled and begin celebrating their accomplishments, they just look ahead and look for what’s next.

Next, Next, Next… It’s like a freakin disease! You’ve got to enjoy all the colors of the rainbow on your way to the pot of Gold. Because….

No Celebrating = No Gratitude = A Shitty Life!

This past weekend I celebrated my friends birthday. He turned 30 and he has some extraordinary things going on in his life. I told him that this was going to be the most transformational decade of his life. Just like it’s been for me. Sure I’ve worked my ass off, I’ve failed way more than I’ve exceeded, my Big, Phat, Audacious Dreams scare the crap out of me too at times; Yet I manage it and I Celelbrate ALL of my big and small success’s and even when I’m unsuccessful, I do a little celebratory dance.

Why? Because I know that everything in this universe is ENERGY! And regardless of what’s happening in my outer world I let my inner world celebrate and bask in that vibe because the past decade has proved to me that when I do that it leads to more extraordinary goodness in my inner and outer world.

If I buy a cool new pair of jeans… I Celebrate by dancing around the house. I get a new pair of runners… I throw on some Michael Jackson (one of my favorite artists) and dance old school. If I’m out for a run and watch the sun rise, I celebrate the beauty of the earth by smiling, nodding “yes” and saying “Sweet, life is good!”. When Kate told me she was pregnant, I started running around the house like a 5 year old, “I’m gonna be a dad, We’re havin a baby!” When I moved into my dream home I celebrated with tears of gratitude. I get my ass handed to me at Ironman, I celebrate with a large Pizza all to myself after the race.

No matter how big or how small, it’s time for YOU to start Celebrating EVERYDAY! A celebration may last 15 seconds or an entire evening. It doesn’t mean getting hammered on copious amounts of drugs or alcohol, in fact that’s the opposite of celebrating. It’s, my life sucks, so I need to disconnect to fool myself into thinking that life’s great. “Oops, did I push some buttons there… : )” Sorry!

With the simple act of celebrating you’ll be basking in more and more goodness.

“The thing about performance, even if it’s only an illusion, is that it is a celebration of the fact that we do contain within ourselves infinite possibilities.”  –Sydney Smith

Here’s to You Rockin it,

Dr. Sukhi

And Remember… Celebrate. When in doubt or certain just start baskin in more goodness with more celebrating, celebrating and again… more celebrating!