How I Beat Myself Up and Am Super Grateful

Yes, you read that right I’m Super Grateful!

Sunday morning came and I’d set my Zen Alarm Clock to wake me up at 6am as a back up, so I wouldn’t sleep in. As my bio-rhythms would have it, I was up before 5. So much for sleeping in on race day.

Super Grateful

A few months ago I decided to race Vancouver’s First Half Marathon and on Sunday I had the great opportunity to show up and race it. During this time of year it’s my offseason for training so my volume is kept to a minimum of 9 to 12 hours each week. It’s at a happy and manageable intensity and volume. Nothing too crazy for my mind and body.

“In Life, How You do Anything is How You do Everything”

Every time I race I learn so much about myself and I always get to shine more light into the nooks and cranny’s within me, a place that tends to be much darker. That’s why I LOVE racing. As the race started I knew I wanted to set a personal record so I was meticulous with my race plan and execution of pace management. The race started and as usual many people up front were hammering right from the get go. I simply found my pace and let hundreds of people pass me.

As I was running my challengingly comfortable pace (for the first few miles at least) I couldn’t help but think that this is how so many people live their lives. They get some idea or adventure in their mind and and take off without thinking if this is the most logical or efficient way to proceed. So I let all these people follow herd mentality and run at paces that they could never maintain for the entire race. Short sighted. After a few miles I began to just pick people off as they started to labour and break down.

How I Beat Myself Up and Am Super Grateful

“In Life, Nobody Plans to Fail, but You May Fail to Plan”

Something I feel is super important and implement in every area of my life is… A Plan. Strong and steady wins in the game of life. You gotta have follow through and not live our lives like firecrackers, dying out well before we hit the finish line. I see this so much with so many peeps. So why not make a little race plan for your entire life. Sure you’ll get to the finish line of life either way, but why not get there with more energy, vitality and joy. It makes every experience so much richer and fuller. And it leads to so many more personal records.

So I’m asking you to get out of your comfort zone, make a plan with a manageable pace, and take relentless action in the pursuit of some dream you have. You will be grateful you did.

“In Life, to See what’s Possible sometimes You have to do something that may appear Impossible”

This race was 13.1 miles around the seawall of Vancouver and it was the shortest race I’ve done in two years. Yet keep in mind that as the distance decreases the intensity increases. As I got halfway through the race I could feel my legs getting tight and I was officially working pretty damn hard. As I hit mile 7 I got passed for the first time by this fit dude hammering the pavement. He was running at a slightly faster pace than me. I instantly had a dilemma! I was working hard, but I knew I was still holding back. At this pace I would safely get a personal record by 1 minute. A great accomplishment, but nothing to write home about.

“In  life, Pain is inevitable… Suffering is optional”

I decided to go for it and hitch a ride with this guy. I upped my pace and began to experience some serious discomfort. I tell myself, if this pace was easy, everyone would do it. As every mile passed the pain kept increasing and I kept struggling to manage it. This guy kept picking up the pace and I continued to follow suit. In life, most people do there absolute best to avoid pain, strife or challenges. This is what I believe, we only grow as much as we are challenged in life. This universal law also states that if we do not seek our challenges for growth and opportunity, they will be handed to us by our environment… Interesting!

Personally, I find it way more empowering to seek out my challenges. But, the choice is yours. Seek and you shall find, or sit and you shall receive. Either way you will experience some discomfort or pain. But either way you have a choice to suffer or not. Yes, suffering is a choice my friends. At times we may not think so, as we believe that life simply happens to us. But regardless of what you experience you have the choice to embrace it and learn and grow or contract and become a victim of your circumstances. It’s your life, so you choose!

Today, I ran this race the way I do everything, my absolute BEST. I created a training and race plan, executed it as best I could, and improvised on the spot to experience something that previously was impossible for me. Finally, I faced my pain and strife head on, integrated it and chose to learn and grow, rather than wear the hat of a victim and suffer. I was in some serious pain and discomfort for the last quarter of this race.

I invite you step up in one area of your life to see what you can move from impossible to possible. For me this brought a new personal record of 1:23 for a Half Marathon. Woo Hoo! I’m already getting revved up for the next growth opportunity, as I almost have complete amnesia to how much pain I was truly in… : )

To Your Mastery,

Dr. Sukhi

7 Comments on How I Beat Myself Up and Am Super Grateful

  1. Congratulations Dr. Sukhi!! Job well done! I know this feeling too of challenging yourself to a run, and making it a reality! It feels amazing!

    Thank you for all your amazing light and wisdom!

  2. Nice stuff Sukhi. I was laughing so hard when you said that guy passed you!! LOL. Ignited that fire again to take action. Love it man, proud of you for rockin’ it out. You’re an inspiration. 😉

  3. Congratulations Sukhi! Yes it is very inspiring and very timely as usual! 🙂

  4. @ Lori, Yes it truly does feel amazing as you know. Glad you’re enjoying all the goodness!

    @ Ryan, Yup that guy passing me was a gift from the universe, asking me if I was doing my best? I answered by showing up more… : )

    @ Nicole, As you know, ALL things in life show up in their perfect time and proportions.

    Big Love to you all!

  5. Rob Andino says:

    Dear Sukhi,

    Great stories! Your blogs have been awesome and I have enjoyed following them. I am a fellow triathlete, so your stories keep me inspired and looking forward to this year’s season.

    Your model for personal development is awesome. The “wheel” of life makes perfect sense. If any part of our life is out of balance, it leads to a bumpy ride.

    My question may be silly to you, but it has been a huge obstacle for my wife and I. We are having a hard time balancing the wheel, because we can’t figure out what we truely want. How do you figure out what you really, really, really want? In our culture we all have the idea of what the “American Dream” is…or in yours the Canadian dream :). We all want the big houses, big cars, vacations, nice clothes etc. Is that what we truely want? Is that what our heart’s desire is? If we achieve those things, will that make us happy? It is human nature to desire more. Even the rich always want more. In fact, if we live in North America, we are in the top 2% of the riches people in the world (that’s making $30, 000 or more a year). I have spoken to people that have 100 ft. yachts. They all start small and then always buy bigger. I was on a 120ft. yacht with a crane for a Harley. The owner said it was too small, he wanted a bigger one with a landing pad for his helicopter. Do riches make us happy?

    I feel that God wants us to have abundance. It is good for us spiritually. Where do you find the balance between making a good living and spending time with family, worship, health, friends etc? And in these categories, how do you know what you need and how much to fill up your tank. Do people desire success in these areas to the degree that YOU want them or to the degree they other people WANT FOR YOU? Does this make sense?

    Once you find out what you want and what motivates you, you can GO FOR IT! Until then, you’re spinning your wheels and you don’t really know where you are going!

  6. Awesome Rob, Glad you’re loving it all! Not a silly ? at all. In fact, I see you’re not following herd mentality by just wanting more shiny, new trinkets that never make us happy anyway.

    I appreciate your openness and authenticity here. All I can offer is my own personal experience…

    Money and material things gives me more choices. That’s it! More choices so I can live my life a certain way. Happiness is something completely different. Because I was severely disconnected, I was confused and thought more money, bigger, shinier new things would bring more inner fulfillment. It didn’t. Anyone searching on the outside simply has unresolved issues on the inside, and I was guilty of that too.

    The universe is abundant and we are a subset of this vast intelligence. WIth training and life I spend time in quiet contemplation daily. I ask the universe, I ask myself to live beyond the veils of western domestication and find what I wish to create. For me, it’s living an inspired life which is nothing more than a feeling of power yet calmness that I have within myself. From this place it’s my desire to show people how to live an inspired life.

    Sure, most of the time life hands me melons. For Real! I’ve failed way more than I’ve succeed. But I keep getting up and I continue to learn and grow and connect deeper within myself. In my short 37 years I feel I have been to hell and back. I have experienced things that I feel no human being ever needs to experience. Yet I know today that the universe has been and always will be unfolding in its perfection. It’s just sometimes we can’t fully see it. We simply need to grow to a new vantage point so we can see the view better to fully embrace it. This is when we are living from our source and power and can see the gift, beauty and perfection of it all.

    So my advice is to seek higher ground by expanding your present state of consciousness. You will see the gift, your desires and the next step to take. I know this may be so hard at times. I assure you it will make all the difference in the worldI

    Big Love to you my friend!

  7. Sarah Hopkins says:

    Wow HUGE congratulations Dr. Sukhi! Your ambition and zest for life is absolutely empowering!! Great stuff man!

    “You have the choice whether to learn and grow or contract and become a victim of your circumstances. It’s your choice–you choose!” –Powerful stuff, I love it!

    Thanks for the daily dose of inspiration 🙂

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