How I Went from Stress to Success: My 5 Daily Rituals

Ever get up feeling crabby, pissed off, sad or just off? Well, if you’re not an Alien from another planet I know you answered with an emphatic “YES”. We all have, and it happens to the best and worst of us. So what’s the scoop, I’m taking my vitamins saying my prayers and yet I still have the occasional, “Man, I feel like shit today”? Why does life deliver melons when we’re looking for jewels?

Well I wish I could answer that with pure certainty, but the reality is we have over 4600 human emotions that all of us will oscillate through each and every day. I will feel awesome and crappy, connected and fragmented, happy and sad, on fire and lethargic, the list goes on and on. Years ago I decided to screw this roller coaster of emotions and start creating habits and rituals that would allow me to soar through the “dark” parts of the day and bask in the “light”.

Sound Cool? It’s Super Cool! So Check this out. Rather than letting my days kick my ass and dictate how I feel, I take full control with morning rituals.


1. GRATITUDE – After my new Zen Alarm Clock iPhone App, blissfully wakes me up (5am ish), I roll over, let my feet hit the floor and sit at the edge of my bed. Massaging my hands through my hair, breaking a huge smile, I thank the universe for another day to have a crack at this thing called life. I bring that deep sense of Gratitude into as many cells before I make my way to the can.

2. EXERCISE – Within the first half hour of waking I will start my training. We are physical beings and we must move our bodies everyday to Be in our Power Zone. Depending on the day this will last anywhere from 1 to 9 hours (Remember I’m one of those illogical Ultra-endurance athletes). Now knowing that life might try to kick my butt today, I decide to kick my own ass instead with killer, gut wrenching workouts. For me it’s run, bike, swim, core or resistance training and I literally push my mind and body so far out of my comfort zone (not injuring myself of course)  that anything life throws at me will feel like a piece of cake.

Stress to Success

3. MEDITATION – After I train I fuel, clean and dress for the day and then will get “Blissed out”. I first began meditating when I was 15 years old and I love it. Our minds will control us if we do not control it. It is one of the most powerful resources we have and meditation has allowed me to have so much control over my mind. This will last anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the day and my schedule.

4. VISUALIZATION – Now that my mind is empty and a clean slate I move into visualizing some area of my life or day. It will be one or several areas of my Master Your Life Wheel. I create clear conscious intentions with as little doubt or fear as possible. Once I see it in my minds eye, I then drop into my heart and begin to feel the emotions of these powerful intentions.

5. JOURNALLING – My last ritual is to make some posts in my journal after I’m done visualizing. There’s no right or wrong here. The simple act of writing things down makes a physical proclamation to the world saying, “Hey universe, I’m not messing around here, let’s hook this up”.

Once my 5 rituals are complete I’m off to paint on the canvas of life. By starting my days like this I spend way more time feeling awesome, productive and purposeful than not. Sure some days will be better than others because that’s the natural ebb and flow of life. But you will always be living much closer to the purposeful, powerful, conscious creator that you are by practicing these rituals daily.

Would love to know if these 5 rituals are jiving with you or not? Or if you have any of your own that I might be able to add to mine. As always, if you like… “like” me, and leave me a comment whether you’re feeling the love or not.

To Your Mastery,

Dr. Sukhi

6 Comments on How I Went from Stress to Success: My 5 Daily Rituals

  1. I likey. I do them all but not quite in that order. I do my workout after I meditate, visualize, journal, do my prayers and mantras. I breathe too! Deep breathing is very important for detoxifying, and feeding the mind, body and spirit. I do 30 deep in, hold and out, 1-4-4 ratio, and I feel good!
    Have a stupendous day!

    Love & Light,

  2. Love your routine Sukhi. I`m pretty close, except I like meditation and visualization before exercise (note to self, start exercising in the morning again). 🙂 By seriously, great content with a solid message.

    I have one question for you. How do you overcome those days you don`t feel like working out in the morning. Procrastination….

  3. @Nicole – Thanks for the breathing tips, will try that tomorrow!

    @Ryan – THanks! Now with Procrastination, the killer of Life. We all experience it, the difference between ordinary and extraordinary people is that the latter manages the Big “P” better.

    Personally, I ask myself one question. Is my inaction moving me closer or farther from my ultimate purpose in Life. Then I connect with my purpose from a deep emotional and connected place. That makes me accountable to myself, Kate and all the other people that depend on me being my best. This gives me enough “umph” to get going and once I’m moving it’s only a matter of time before I’ve slain Big “P”.

    Then its Bye Bye “P”!

    Awesome question Ryan!

  4. I do them all but not in the same order. It started with your 40 day challenge back in January of 2009. The challenge was to move your body, meditate and journal for 20 minutes every day for 40 days. From there I’ve moved forward incorporating these practices and learned new ones like visualizing and practicing gratitude.

    You have been an amazing influential figure in my life and for that I cannot thank you enough.

    PS – I’m looking forward to the next 30 day challenge that you are hosting. I would fully encourage everyone to take part as it will change your life and provide you with the support and structure that is needed if you are new to any or all of these practices.

    In Gratitude,

    Lanny Taschuk

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