How the “F” Word Will Set You Free

The “F” will set you free. In this Vlog I share the power of effectively communicating so others can get the essence of what we’re saying. Yet so often things get misconstrued and we’re left with defeating judgements and assumptions that rob us of our power. Practicing the “F” word will release the fears, judgements and assumptions so you can truly see things for what they are. You’ll step into a greater sense of power and be back On Purpose.

Thanks for Tuning in,

Dr. Sukhi

4 Comments on How the “F” Word Will Set You Free

  1. Linna Tomlinson says:

    Thx for this vlog. I had an awakening this weekend that i had been holding out on the f word so I chose to forgive someone. The minute I decided this, i felt a darkness in me turn into lightness. I could not wait to see this person because I wanted this person to experience the love that I had been holding back because of my inability to forgive. When I finally saw this person with love and not darkness, I felt free.
    When I saw the title of your vlog, I couldn’t believe the coincidence. It was just the confirmation I needed to remind me to keep using the F word.
    Thx sukhi!

  2. Great video Sukhi, excellent topic man. BTW, you look good in this video, really fresh.

  3. Dimple Arora says:

    Great video Sukhi! Just led a workshop this weekend and the participants spent Sunday experiencing the power of forgiveness and left feeling so liberated! It truly is a powerful concept!

  4. @Linna, That’s awesome! My hats off to you for “F” ing. And there are no accidents in life only perfectly synchronized experiences that are waiting for us to simply connect the dots.

    @Ryan, Thanks man! Fresh is “Good”!

    @Dimple, So cool you’ve just lead a workshop on this… it’s Huge! Thx for still tuning in and shining your light!

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