How to Bridge YOUR Dream to YOUR Reality

Bridge Your Dream to Reality!

In this Vlog I’ll share how you can bridge living your dream with the reality of everyday responsibilities. So much easier said vs done, RIGHT? Or is it? Your dream can = Your Reality!

Once you understand how the Universe will reciprocate you’ll be able to pay your bills and handle worldly responsibilities while you’re taking action on fulfilling a massive idea or epiphany that came from Inspiration. That’s your reality!┬áThis is Powerful stuff! You’ll learn the dynamics of giving and recieving as well as a powerful law from physics that explains how energy works. By pouring energy into an inspired idea, the universe will always reward you, as long as you follow this one simple rule. You’l learn this rule in this Vlog.

Thanks for Tuning IN!

Dr. Sukhi

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  1. chris says:

    yessiree. this does work! my trouble pops up now and again where “but you need money!!!!” rattles in my head. that is tough but only cause i let it get in there. i am still working on that. thanks for the videos. You have a soothing voice.

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