How to Cultivate “Will” & “Power”

Last week I had dinner with a dear friend, Gabrielle Bernstein, who’s a NY Times bestselling author and we were chatting about why certain people are able to create mastery in their lives and others are not. It got me thinking a lot. What I came up with was this notion of the human “will” and the intangible “power” that lives within you. To create mastery you must utilize both and the “how” is what I share in this Vlog.

If you’re not focusing your mind to access your “will” you’ll lack focus, clarity and be frustrated. More importantly you’ll be using force and seriously burning out your adrenal glands. Therefore it’s unhealthy & unsustainable. There’s a better way. And in this Vlog you’ll learn how to access your Will & Power in a sustainable and harmonious way to create pure mastery in every of life.

In Gratitude,

Dr. Sukhi