How to KISS Tasks to Completion

How to KISS Tasks to Completion. Do you ever feel like you get these super cool ideas or goals but then get caught up in over-thinking and analyzing them and never actually pulling the trigger to see them to their completion. KISS will help you stop that pattern so you can begin taking more action and getting better results. KISS is a great concept that this Vlog will help you apply. You can start taking action right after this Vlog once you’ve learned KISS.

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Dr. Sukhi

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  1. Anny Voyer says:

    You were right not to worry abour your white socks: I was in a good place to see your feet, and I didn’t see even a proton of white!!!
    Thanks for the conference, my assistant and me really enjoyed and learn from it…
    Just reviewed my notes and it will be useful tonight for my health care class!

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