How To Live With More Abundance

Are you living your Most Abundant Life? There’s one little abundant strategy that I share in this Vlog that will let you know for sure. If you’re being abundant you will spend time each and every week doing this one thing. And if you’re not doing it, you’re cutting yourself off from the flow of all the abundance that surrounds you. Check this Vlog out and start living the most abundant life you can.

Thanks for watching,

Dr. Sukhi

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  1. elyse cordery says:

    Thank you Sukhi your words are profound and serve a beautiful message! Thank you for speaking/ teaching your truth =)

    • Super welcome Elyse. Thanks for truly tuning in!

  2. I would *LOVE* to hear more about the science behind the Law of Reciprocity! Guarantee it will not put some of us other “gear-heads” to sleep!
    Namaste! Thanks for a great vlog 🙂

    • Law of Reciprocity 101…First is the Golden Rule (slightly amended: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you; and, do unto yourself as you would want to continue doing.”

      Second, the law of reciprocity is like a karmic “piggy bank”. What you broadcast into the universe, whether it is positive or negative, is a deposit due to be returned to you. Your deposits may be returned quickly, or they may collect and be returned with or without the effects of past and future deposits added.

      For this reason, it is wise to bank positive deposits often.

  3. Sukhi, This is great. Very inspirational and precise. I think you are right on….when we truly give from our hearts there is an implication that we are trusting we will be taken care of in other areas of our life. I think people need to see the difference between giving because they expect something in return, something many of the religions have taught when we grew up, versus giving because we know we are all connected and its the right thing to do and its effortless. I imagine a life where we all just support each other to be all of what we can be. When we make it about the sweet connection we can all have instantaneously we know we are living well. Thanks for your inspiration. Ed

    • Thanks Ed! Yes this is a dream of mine as well. We will connect soon!

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