Increasing Productivity

Is there an area of your life that you can step up, when it comes to productivity?

Most people let the circumstances around them influence what they accomplish in their lives.

Increasing Productivity

But not you! You’re different.

Because you’re going to change your focus in 2 areas to transform your productivity.

I talk about these 2 things in this week’s VLOG!

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Time to Rock more productivity my friend!

Dr. Sukhi

3 Comments on Increasing Productivity

  1. Niki says:

    Good job Sukhi! It is very true that gossip robs us of our time and energy. By allowing these topics and people into our conscious state, we are focusing our attention on things that do not affect us positively. Ultimately, the end result will be that, regardless of whether you approve or disapprove of the topic, a person will attract more of what they are giving attention to in that moment.

    So if your boss is being a jerk, and you let your conscious state focus on that, probably more “jerk-like” people will miraculously appear. But if you allow love to supersede the ego, and you understand that your boss is being a jerk because he’s stressed and has money problems and doesn’t know how to love others, then that empathy and love will turn a negative situation into one that can easily be absorbed by the conscious self.

    Productivity is the result of staying focused on your goal, like a laser beam!!! When I focus on the end result and allow no deviation, the people that I need to achieve my goals appear. And these are people that are positive and supportive and contributory. Like attracts like.

    Thank you for sharing this with others. The world will come together as one when we all learn to align ourselves with The Source.


  2. Thanks Sukhi! Great reminders for starting off the week…loving it!

  3. @ Niki, Yes more “jerk like” peeps will appear until you see the cause of peoples behaviours, not the effects. Yes like materializes like and requires laser sharp focus… Awesome!

    @Starr, Trust its a great week!

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