Keep It Simple Stupid – 2 Timeless Teachings

Leonardo De Vinci said, “By keeping it simple you become the ultimate in Sophistication”

We live in a word that’s driven by commercialism. In fact, we’re inundated with news, tv, radio, emails, facebook, ads, other people, places and things that all tell us that MORE, MORE & just a little bit MORE is always better. It’s going to make you happier, healthier, more vibrant….!

Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) is a basic marketing strategy and now you can use it to make your life better too.

I’m writing this blog post while I’m away with Kate in the middle of nowhere. We’re spending the weekend at a bed & breakfast surrounded by mountains and lakes. For me this is the ultimate in keeping it simple. We started the weekend by walking a Labyrinth to get into the simple vibration of calmness, tranquility and simplicity.

I want to share with you some timeless teachings about the power of keeping it simple.

1. Keep it Simple by Letting Go

“When you keep things simple the unnecessary disappears and the necessary can be fully expressed”

When I was at Ironman last week I was in a house full of friends and family. For some reason I got into sharing a long detailed story about what my other life was like before I was 19. Apparently I needed to talk about it and they needed to hear it.

At the age of 18 I had more money than I knew what to do with. One of the people I was with stated that it must have been tough to say good-bye to all that. I too, at a young age, thought that “things” on the outside would make us happy and fulfilled on the inside. So that’s the tree I climbed. But, when I got to the top of that tree I realized that I was wrong. In fact, I was more miserable than ever.

You see, the more we acquire and have, the more magnified the stuff on the inside becomes. If you’re miserable, that’ll get magnified. If you’re wonderful, that’s get magnified. So the first timeless teaching here is to LET GO of the delusion that more money, material assets and stuff will make your life better.

The reality is that if you think that once you acquire those things that your life will be perfect, you’re in for a dark, arduous and challenging ride.

Once you let go of that delusion you will come to realize that these things will only give you more choices in your life. That’s why your inner world gets magnified with more outer world acquisitions. By doing the inner work of finding self-fulfillment your attachment to these outer success’s diminishes. The irony is that you can then work for the love of the process and journey, achieving the materialization of outer success’s even faster.

Keep It SImple Stupid

2. Keep it Simple by Getting a Life

Confucious said that, “Life is truly Simple, but for some reason we insist on making it complicated”

Another great gift I experienced by spending lots of time with friends and family was that I could see who had a life and who didn’t. The difference was palpable.

People who have a life can keep things pretty simple. They have x, y, or z to accomplish today and they spend time diligently working through that. Pretty simple stuff because the mind always needs something to focus on.

Then you have peeps that have no life. Yet our ego minds still need something to focus on. So these people start to look around and rather than observe and appreciate others. They tend to judge and criticize the people, places and things around them.

In other words, their lives are really not that exciting. So they add drama and complications to it. Essentially because they have no life they create a soap opera to keep things interesting and stimulating. And usually that soap opera says, “The World revolves around me, I’m the most important thing here”. And therefore everyone’s words and actions get magnified towards you. This ego driven state then leads to anger, sadness, despair and cynicism. It pretty much sucks and creates misery for everyone around.

We all know people like this, especially the one we see in the mirror every morning. Yes, that’s right! You and I live here almost everyday. So here’s the remedy!

Keep it simple stupid! Simple means spending less time analyzing, critiquing and judging others and yourself. Spend more time living, being present and engaged in what you love. I’m a personal and spiritual growth junky. Anything related to this lights me up like a christmas tree. I’m freakin addicted to it. And you too are addicted to something.

If that addiction is nothing. You need to get a life. Because once you start focusing on your life, Your life will change!

So in the end, Keep it Simple Stupid! And don’t confuse simple with easy.

Plug these 2, timeless, bad boy “Simple”teachings into your life. Let me know what you think. You can have lots of fun with them at your next family gathering too… : )

To Your Mastery,

Dr. Sukhi