Manifesting My Book Deal

Yes, believe it or not, Manifesting anything into your life is a science.

At the start of each year I always sit down with myself and figure out what I want to put my intentions and energy towards. A couple of years ago I began writing my first book, which includes all the darkness I went through as a child and how I’ve ended up where I am today. The book is so awesome. I can’t wait to get it published so the world can read it and see that there is a science to living and creation.

This science is so exact that it brings about results with mathematical certainty. I’ve been testing it for the past 20 years and it still amazes me. One of the challenges I have with my book is that I’m a freakin perfectionist. Every word, sentence, paragraph, strategy, tool, story…. has to resonate to my core. If it doesn’t I keep revising. Now the great thing is that I have an amazing editor out of NYC, who’s edited best selling books. She knows her shit! And we finally finished the last chapter 2 days ago… : ) Pretty Sweet!

Now we’re going through one last read and a designer is working on the cover and formatting. I’m already a published author in the research world, but at the beginning of this year I set out to publish a book. That was my mistake???

Yes you read that right, mistake. I wrote down that I want to be published in a book for 2011. And I’ve been unleashing all my manifesting tools everyday to do this. My book edits have taken me 3 times longer than I anticipated, am I a control freak or what…? Yes, definitely some spiritual growth opportunities here!

If the design element goes anything like the text edits I’m pretty sure that my book won’t hit the shelves in 2011. This was really bothering me over the past few months because I was putting all my energy into manifesting something for its materilaization, yet my logical/objective head was saying it’s never going to be ready to my specifications this year.

So here’s my Manifesting lesson

2 weeks ago I get an email from a publisher who’s putting together a compilation book with 25 authors. Some of these authors are quite well known too as they’ve been experts in personal growth movies and the book/movie “The Secret”. So this book is a pretty big deal, It’s called…

Manifesting My Book Deal

Well the publisher told me that they fired one of the authors because they weren’t a right fit and that they wanted me to be one of the featured authors. They heard about me through a friend named Ryan Yokome who has blogs called Authentic Inspiration and Dirty Runners. Check Ryan out, he’s up to some cool stuff.

The only caveat was that I had 48 hours to submit my section because they were under strict deadlines. And that’s because the book is being published THIS FALL. Yes that’s right, THIS YEAR! So… does manifesting work??? Trust me my friend, it always works. The outcome just doesn’t always show up in the form that we thought it would.

Manifesting Mistake

My manifesting mistake was that I was putting everything towards “being published in a book this year”. Not “publishing my book, Master Your Life… 9 Stretegies to Rock Extraordinary Health, Wealth & Happiness”. In other words I was not being specific enough. Well it turns out that somebody else tuned into my radio station and picked up what I was putting down. I will be published in “Adventures in Manifesting” with 24 other great minds, this year. My wish became the universe’s command and it delivered.

So in the end was it all a mistake? Well I definitely learned something. And those that know me well know how great at manifesting I am, yet I’ve even learned more about specificity.

Your Manifesting

So here’s my take home for you. Whatever you want to manifest in your life, be sure to be as specific and detailed as you possibly can be. If you’re new to my blog and want to know my roadmap that I’ve developed from studying over 250 disciplines over 20 years… So you too can materialize ANYTHING into your life. Watch the 5 videos by opting in on the right side of this blog.

If you’ve already downloaded them and are rockin it, SWEET! If not, you need to watch them again and practice them daily. If you want some support or help, leave a comment below with some details and I will guide you.

As it turns out I will be an author in a book this year and it will be available for you very soon, “Adventures in Manifesting” I promise!

To Your Mastery,

Dr. Sukhi