Reality Check Provides Huge Leaps of Growth

Reality Check Provides Huge Leaps of Growth

Your Life has Eyes

When was the last time you looked at your life straight in the eyes? Now I mean truly taking a good hard look at your life. Look at the clothes your wearing. The city or town you live in.Who you spend your time with. What you do and more importantly ‘how” you are doing it. Who are you being day in and day out. Your behaviours and actions. Once you take a good hard look at your life… What do you see?

Do you see yourself getting more inspired and pumped about life? Or does the simple act of even considering looking at your life with more depth stress you out?

In the history of humanity it’s peeps who’ve had the odds stacked against them that have moved from ordinary to extraordinary. If life is challenging you in extraordinary ways, it simply means that life knows you can handle a lot. It’s a promotion or upgrade. So give yourself a big high five!

Life Experiences Build Character

Last weekend I was out for a long 5 hour ride and something interesting happened. It was pouring rain the whole time and the visibility was pretty bad. My training partner, LT, was riding up ahead of me and I heard a loud bang. A truck had smoked this parked car a block ahead of me and totally taken out the back and side of it. The truck then decided to accelerate and get the heck out of there.

Without even rationally thinking about it, my body innately pumped adrenaline through my veins, I pulled a U-turn and chased the truck down. My head said, “what the heck are you doing, your’re so far out of your training zone?”, my heart said “hammer it and catch that truck”. What would you have done?

After a few minutes I caught’em. Pulled up to his window huffing and puffing and said, “hey what’s up man, you know you just smoked that new Saab back there.” He checked out the front end of his vehicle and said, “I had no idea”. I had a pretty hard time believing him and I could tell he was thinking about how to get out of this.

I just looked at him and said, “C’mon do the right thing man and just go back to the car”, then I winked at him and said, “besides I’ve got your vehicle and plate number”.

When I rode back to the Saab there was an entourage of peeps checking out the car and the dude who was responsible was pulling up.

“It’s who you’re being when nobody’s watching that matters most.”

In life anyone can put a face on for an evening or even show peeps up temporarily. But it’s your thermostatic set point that determines your moral character and what you’re able to create in your life.

For the first half of my life I would have never chased that car down, I pretty much wouldn’t have given a shit. Today, I feel morally obligated to do what my heart desires, it always seems to be the right thing regardless of what others may think, how illogical it is or even its consequences. This has come from 19+ years of deep introspection looking into the eyes of my entire life.

This process goes so far beyond the act and will pay massive dividends in not just your life but in the lives of all those that cross your path everyday. For me this is what it means to be in the pursuit of mastery.

“When you strive for excellence and mastery, success will follow”

Taking an honest look at your life is facing reality head on. It’s a tricky thing because you may feel a little uncomfortable, sad, let down or even pissed off. That’s at least how I get sometimes. This surprises peeps I know because they think I’m Mr. Positivity. I’m actually not Mr. Positivity, I’m Mr. Reality Check. I believe that positivity may actually repress the real issues and problems in your life.

Very similar to that dude who tried to get away with a hit and run. Yeah sure he messed up and smoked a parked car. But one mistake doesn’t justify another one. It just creates more momentum in the wrong direction. So please don’t try to cover up deeper issues or beliefs with delusional positivity. Instead, get to the crux of the issue by discovering the blockage or wound then see what’s possible and change, change, change…

This is the essence of striving for mastery and your extraordinary life will follow!

“Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye.”

As uncomfortable as some of these conclusions may be they will also be the gateways and turning points of your life. I assure you they will provide some huge leaps of growth in your life. When you check them out, draw new awareness, understandings and lessons you will shift your thermostatic set point.

You will not only rewrite the map of your life but that of the entire world.

To Your Mastery,

Dr. Sukhi

PS: I would love to know your thoughts around this Blog post and what you’re “really” discovering about your life.