I love to speak, I love to inspire, I love to educate and I love to move audiences and show what is possible. That’s essentially what I’ve been doing for the past 15 years all over the world as a professional keynote speaker.  I’ve spoken on 100’s of stages in the areas of Health, Leadership, Personal Development and Maximizing Human Potential. I’ve been told I have the rare ability to connect with and electrify audiences with my charismatic yet endearing style. I feel truly blessed and honored to impact lives in such profound ways.

It doesn’t matter the scale your organization or company reaches my proven methods create transformational results that will take your people to all-new levels of thinking, creating, producing and ultimately more success for each attendee and the larger company as a whole.

To book me to speak please contact: info@drsukhi.com


A few of the stages I’ve been invited to speak on:


Dr. Sukhi is an Award Winning Doctor, Bestselling Author and Global Speaker. As an advanced Biohacker he’s spent the past 25 years studying the brain and nervous system as it relates to Health, Healing & Maximizing Human Potential. Today he’s considered an authority on Vitalism and developing transformational strategies in Personal Development. He is a Master at developing people, teaching the mindset for success and has created proprietary neural integration techniques that have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands worldwide helping them shatter their limits and achieve Extraordinary results in every area of life.

Dr. Sukhi has a loving, charismatic and endearing style that receives accolades. He lives in West Vancouver, BC, Canada with his wife and 2 daughters and has utilized his powerful strategies to overcome the darker shades of life and become a 7 time Ironman Finisher and complete challenging 100 mile ultra-marathons with successful podium finishes. He is a partner and the Chief Transformation Officer of Allysian Sciences, a brain nootropic company committed to helping people maximize Human Potential and be there absolute best. He has partnered Centres for Optimal Living across North America and is the author of Beyond Body, Beyond Mind: Overcome Uncertainty, Transcend Challenge and Hardships & Fulfill Your Dreams!