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Biologically You’re Wired to Find what You Seek

There is an amazing technology within you my friend and it controls your perception of reality. It’s truly Powerful stuff! Imagine being able to control the thoughts, ideas and observations you have of others in ways that only serve both you and them. Well you don’t have to imaging anymore… […]


How to Cultivate “Will” & “Power”

Last week I had dinner with a dear friend, Gabrielle Bernstein, who’s a NY Times bestselling author and we were chatting about why certain people are able to create mastery in their lives and others are not. It got me thinking a lot. What I came up with was this […]


Why Your Goals, Intentions & Vision Boards Might Suck

We’re already a few weeks into 2013 and this’s the time to reevaluate what your putting forward. It always amazes me how many people are focused on outcomes and the things extrinsic to themselves when it comes to the art of creation. If you fall into this category your focus […]