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4 Comments on Thanks for joining this amazing community.

  1. Angel says:

    I need to quit smoking, quit all the Non sense that’s killing me i need help and no1 around me can help but i am so willing,Seems as if this websites is amazing i read one post and i am motivated.I am only human,But i need to get right mentally physically and spiritually.

    • Great! Time to Stop the insanity and killing yourself! Welcome!

  2. Caroline Wickham says:

    I think you already know that I am ‘willing’, Dr. Sukhi. But, now I want to dig in and take some positive steps to turning around a rather ‘go-ahead-and-dole-out-some-more-pain’ kind of life. I may not be young, ..but that’s all the more reason to want to create a better me now!

    • Age is a matter of consciousness and the limitations of age are simply that which we assign to ourselves. You are young at heart!

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