The Biology of Creation

What would your life look like if you weren’t held back by challenges, stress or limited beliefs? How would you live your life if you knew you could not fail… and success was your natural state of being? Take a moment to ask yourself these powerful questions…

Science says the average person thinks over 70,000 different thoughts every single day and the majority of these thoughts are based on memories of the past. Here’s where things get very interesting because over 95% of these thoughts are based on the challenges, stress, traumas and failures of yesterday. Crazy right! Biologically every single one of these thoughts is a memory that’s a specific series of neurological networks. Thoughts are a series of neural networks and these networks are then responsible for how we feel because they release specific hormones, enzymes and neuropeptides. Most people wake up everyday remembering their past by performing the same unconscious thoughts which lead to the same actions and behaviours that create the same results and feelings. A great example of this is thinking about the last time you drove a familiar road and felt as if you blanked out and magically appeared at your destination in seconds. In this example you were running on autopilot where a series of neural networks that have become so ingrained by routine run automatically and take over performing the drive without your conscious awareness. Now imagine leveraging this same principle by creating new biological networks aligned to a more empowered future that take over the creation of your new life for you as well. I’m here to tell you that this may be your new natural state if you desire. 

Why Positive Thinking Does Not Work

If you’re serious about making any change in your life, whether it’s your Health, Wealth or Happiness you must first become aware of your thoughts and emotions. Here’s where positive thinking falls short. Thinking positively trying to override these ingrained neural networks of yesterday that keep rehearsing the same biological tracks of past memories is not enough. Your thoughts and emotions form the identity of who you are every single day. And by the time you’re into your third decade of life you’re pretty much running on autopilot firing neural circuitry of yesterdays outcomes and results without consciously being aware of it. This is what must change.

Change Your Neural Circuitry

A fundamental principle in neuroscience is Hebb’s Law which states that neurological networks that fire together will strengthen and wire together. Most people suffer from self sabotage, playing the verse that they’re not good enough, don’t have the resources, not attractive enough, nor smart enough to live the life they’ve always dreamed of. Biologically people’s autonomic nervous system gets stuck in Flight or Flight sympathetic tone and your body thinks it’s biologically being chased by a pack of wolves while you’re having your morning tea or coffee. It’s impossible to create a new and different future in this biological state and your present life becomes the manifestations of yesterday’s neurological wiring. I’m here to tell you that innately we are all creators and you get to decide if you keep re-creating yesterday today or are creating a future more aligned to your wildest dreams by changing your wiring. The mistakes and stress of the past is not your natural state and every present big idea your mind or body can conceive you can achieve when your biology aligns with your grandest desires. Creating new neural networks will form the Identity of who you are BE-coming physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If you want to make a quantum leap in any area of your life, you must first stop old neural networks of yesterday’s failures and pain and create a new identity based on new neural firing and wiring. 

Understanding your E-Motions

Becoming aware of your daily thoughts is the first step in this process. This begins by observing them, not judging. Once you become aware of these thoughts you can stop them in their tracks and choose thoughts that are more aligned to your vision for life. You may then begin to address the language of your body, emotions. E-Motions are essentially ‘energy’ in ‘motion’. Every person has 7 neurological plexuses and they are the energy centers responsible for E-motions. Old unintegrated experiences get locked into these seven energy centers which release the biochemistry of the original stressful experiences. By learning how to breathe into these areas, move and open these neural plexuses through specific training and practice there will be a free flow of energy through the nervous system allowing this life force to radiate new frequencies. These new frequencies create a signature radiance in the universe that sends out signals exactly like tuning into a specific radio station. People, places and things begin to emerge that are aligned to your new frequencies of grand visions. Biologically this creates a neurological cascade throughout the mind/body’s physiology and thoughts and E-motions of Joy, Abundance, Love and possibilities begin to emerge and become your natural state. 

Remember Hebb’s Law? As these new neural networks fire together more and more your nervous system will learn a new language and you can begin to remember a future as if it has already occurred and become that person in this moment. This is the transition from your old identity to a new identity that has more Health, Wealth & Happiness. I’m here to tell you that the life you’ve always dreamed about is anxiously waiting for your conscious intention and these elevated emotions. This is how you have subconsciously created everything in your life and this is precisely how you may consciously create an even better future.