The Secret to Improve Your Quality of Life

What I have found journeying through life, my studies and working with great masters is that we can increase the probability of both inner and outer abundance, which leads to improving your quality of life!  In other words:

Inner Fulfillment + Outer Success = Mastery!

Doesn’t that equation look great!  How the heck does one achieve this?

In this post I am briefly outlining all 10 areas of the Master Your Life wheel.  You will discover how important they all are and how they are each connected to one another. You will discover as you explore all the strategies, content and videos on this site that you will become more conscious of every category and realize how they will all contribute to and transform your life.  The purpose of this post is to simply define all ten areas and give you a brief overview.  (My purpose in all that I do over the weeks, months and years ahead is to provide you with the strategies to achieve this.)

  1. Spiritual – This is your source, your power supply, inspiration and reason for being.  Sound deep?  It doesn’t have to be.  This can be whatever you make of it.  These are the reasons your feet hit the floor each morning, why you put a smile on your face and what drives you through life.  This is an inside job, it’s the capacity of your human will and mark my word it is the most powerful force you have.  It’s the same power supply that created you from 2 little cells.  FYI:  It never left you when you were born either and it’s still there today, you just need to access it!
  2. Finances – Do you have “mucho dinero”?  This is the amount of dollars you can muster up, right now, this second, TODAY!  All the assets you have (which includes cash) minus all your liabilities equals your net worth.  The greater your net worth the more CHOICES you have in life.  Cultural domestication is misleading, suggesting that the more money you have the happier you will become.  Sorry, only by Mastering Your Life will you do that.  Remember this: the amount of money you have = the number of choices you can make!  End of story!
  3. Family – Yes as much as some of them may push your buttons, they are an essential ingredient for your life.  Family can extend beyond your bloodline, however, some of the greatest gifts and lessons in your life will be learned from within your family bloodline or people you live with.  Do you have loving relationships with your family?  Your family can produce the greatest sources of joy, amazing memories, and a lifetime of physical and emotional pleasures.  Getting crystal clear on creating extraordinary family dynamics will transform your quality of life.
  4. Vocation – Each and every person in this world has been given unique gifts and talents.  If you do not express your gifts to the world your song will be lost forever.  That would be a shame!  Your vocation is how you express your talents and gifts to the world in your chosen career or discipline in life.  Do you spend every day in your vocation?  If you do, you can change the word from “work” to “play” and congratulations you are a part of an elite few.  As one of my mentors taught me, “When you find your vocation, life becomes an endless vacation”!
  5. Social – Humans are social creatures.  You need to be around other people, places and things.  This is how you relate to everyone and all the things around you.  In a healthy social dynamic there is a constant ebb and flow of giving and taking within all things.  Contribution, connection and growth are the natural by-products of this realm.
  6. Intelligence – Use it or lose it baby!  Yup, if you are not challenging your intellect your brain and mind will go to mush.  I am a huge advocate of education.  Now you don’t have to be formally in school to get an education.  My classroom today is the school of life; in fact I’m a dedicated student of life.  No matter what, never stop learning.  Similar to exercising a muscle you must exercise your mind everyday so it remains sharp, on purpose and creative.
  7. Emotions – Yes, we all have them and they affect us everyday throughout our lives.  If it’s healthy with the right outlook it fuels us to our bigger selves and contributes to every other area of our life in a meaningful way.  On the flipside emotional distress can impact your relationships, social life, finances and even lead to illness or disease.  Being more conscious of your emotional state and having the strategies to change them when you’re in a funk will pay huge dividends to your quality of life.
  8. Physical – Your body and health is the vehicle you have been given so you can fully experience life.  It is your house, if you do not take care of it where will you live?  Treat your body like a prized racehorse and it will take you on grand adventures with endless energy, vitality and performance.  You’ll learn the strategies that will crush any roadblocks and strengthen your commitments to get you to exactly where you want to be and improve your quality of life.
  9. Character – This is the very foundation of who you are as a human being.  You character controls who you are being and how you handle the temptations and challenges of life.  It sets your limits of what you are capable of and if you have the inner drive and strength to transcend them.  Your character will define who you are being in every area of your life.  Defining the person you need to become to live the life you deserve will transform your virtues into habits.
  10. Quality of Life – Last, but certainly not least.  What surroundings make you thrive?  What would you like to experience?  What would you like to own?  These answers can transform your life in important and unintended ways.  Your quality of life is exactly that… the degree to which you love or hate your life.  This will affect every area of your life and change who you are as a human being.

The interesting thing about life is that you get out of it exactly what you put into it.  There is always an equal exchange and you are in control as the driver.  Now that you are aware of all 10 categories of your life you may know where you are strong and where you have some work to improve your quality of life.  The rewards will be enormous when you fully decide to Master Your Life.

I would love to know where you are thriving and where you need some support.  Leave a comment below and share the love with your friends. Welcome to THE ride of a lifetime.