The Truth About The Secret

Is there an underlying truth about the loved and hated movie/book, The Secret?

So Let’s kick this party off with some basic fundamentals about you, Life and I. What I have learned over the past 2 decades is that there are no short cuts, express lanes or get rich and happy overnight formulas. I spent many years chasing something outside of me to get a taste and feeling within me. You do not have to reinvent the wheel and can learn from my experiences and mistakes. This is fundamentally why I love to be who I am.

So let’s get crystal clear! Master Your Life is NOT about the “latest” gadgets or tricks to help you get enlightened, rich or whatever quickly.  And it’s not about any “Secret’s” that’ll allow you to rub a genie’s lamp to manifest shiny trinkets at your beckon call.

The Truth about Life is that all the wisdom, intelligence and perfection we all seek is already in here within us. Hmmm?? Really?? You might be thinking! The question I have for you… Is now a good time to start living your greatest life? Master Your Life is all about you rockin your most extraordinary life.  Ready, aim, fire…. OK let’s start rockin this awesomeness!

I loved the book “The Secret” and so did many others. Yet many people who loved it didn’t take the necessary action to see all the goodness transpire within them. The truth about the secret is engaging in the process of Mastering Your Life. It’s about living a life filled with true joy, love, meaning, gratitude, inspiration, energy, contribution and enthusiasm. And all of this greatness comes from within you, your inner character guided by a compass of VIRTUE and INTEGRITY.  This is the truth about the Secret that you may have missed between the lines.

Now with this inner guidance system all you need to do is ACT on life and BE Patient, Persistent and Enthusiastic (PPE) while embodying your inner truths so that what you feel is most important becomes completely aligned with who you are being and how you show up every day in your life and the world.  Sound simple? It’s so simple! Yet it will take lots of PPE!

You see, your quality of life is all about engaging in the process of excellence and mastery. At a core level within all of us, this has a much deeper meaning that essentially means to live your greatest potential not just everyday, but from every moment to moment to moment…

So let’s take a closer look at your life.  Are you living your greatest potential.  Personally I am living my dream life, yet I can honestly say that I am not living my greatest potential.  That’s why I practice my 100 Tips to Live an Extraordinary Life, moment to moment. When I look at my greatest potential of who I can be and what I can do and compare it to what I’m actually doing there appears to be a space or gap. Now if your rockin your inner truths of who you’re being and how you show up guided by your core Virtues and Integrity,  you are closing the gap.

If that’s you… Congrats, you’re awesome!  If you’re not rockin it with extraordinary style, look out. You are opening the door to let negativity, fear, depression, poverty, anxiety, disease and illness to walk into that gap and consume you and your life. You know what this life looks like and it sucks!

So the remedy is simple (not to be confused with easy).  Sit in quiet contemplation and imagine your greatest potential.  Write it down. Look at where you actually are. Write it down. The width of this gap is how far you are in or out of integrity. So to close this gap pour your core Virtues and Integrity into your life and practice 100 steps to Live an Extraordinary Life moment to moment. With patience, persistence and enthusiasm you will see your life transform.

I would love for you to start right NOW. Let me know how this resonates with you!

To Your Mastery,

Dr. Sukhi