Usain Bolt – Tales from The Ego, The Mind, The Heart from the Fastest Human

Were you one of the 20+ million people watching history being made? Usain Bolt is the fastest human being to ever walk the Earth. What does it take to be the greatest runner in history? Yes, it takes physical greatness, but it also requires tapping into something extraordinary from within. In this Vlog I share the journey of how the Ego, the Mind, the Heart and Life culminate into a journey of greatness. What is possible for one is possible for all!

Thanks for Tuning IN,

Dr. Sukhi

4 Comments on Usain Bolt – Tales from The Ego, The Mind, The Heart from the Fastest Human

  1. Carrie says:

    Hi Sukhip
    Very much enjoyed this one:) good food for thought re exploring the root cause & ego.

    Loved your poster hanging behind you. Where can I buy one?

    Love & hugs to you & Kate


  2. jussaying says:

    nbc clearly stated the next tallest athelete in these events had to take 5-6 steps more to reach the finish line at the same pace as egobolt. His height, aka only true advantage, in these races was the true winner. If any of the other atheletes who were considered threats, were the same height as bolt, he would probably not win all of these events.he would definitely win top 3 finishes as he is still a top athelete. Jesse Owens was 5’10” and Carl Lewis 6’3″, both atheletes won more golds in different events including the same as bolt, but also the long jump.Bolt is a great athelete no doubt, but should be more humble in the shadow of these far superior atheletes. He comes off races with a god complex and ends up with a dog scooper additude. Conclusion, bolt wins in his head every time, we all lose if we don’t look at the facts.

    • Enjoyed reading your opinion. I’ve studied biomechanics for over 20 years and the only response I can give you is that somebody his height should never be able to generate that speed and power. But thanks again for your insights…. we can agree to disagree… : )

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