What is “greatness”?

What is "greatness"?Sounds like a great question, right?

I had the great opportunity to write about what “greatness” is for me this past week for one of Oprah’s Columnists. Yes, you read that right… Oprah’s Columnist… : )

It’s a short essay of my journey through the roller coaster ride of life while on my endless quest for greatness. And I know you’ll love this essay. I even talk about the infamous 4 letter “F” word. And how I overcame it. Pretty bold stuff!

So please click the link below and check it out on Karen’s sight. This amazing woman is a new friend who has sold more than a million books and writes for Oprah. A true honour to write for her.

What is “greatness”? Enjoy!

To Your Mastery,

Dr. Sukhi