What it’s Like to Live in My Head!

Every week people ask me what it’s like to live within my head. It’s kind of a weird question if you really think about. “What’s it like to live within your head Sukhi?” I guess people are curious because they feel they may learn something about themselves by getting a glimpse of somebody else.

What It's Like to Live in My Head

I’ve decided to finally answer this question and do it within my blog.

Well we’ve all truly lived within our heads for our entire life. Yet for myself, from every moment to moment and fork in the road that life gives us, the furniture within my head can be rearranged into so many configurations. As a result, depending on what’s going on in my life being within myself also changes.

Take this past weekend, for example. I met with my book designer and photographer. We had a photo shoot for the cover of my new book, “Master Your Life – 9 Strategies to Rock Extraordinary Health, Wealth & Happiness!” This book is a combination of my personal memoirs, filled with inspiration, my thesis on personal growth and the best strategies I’ve used over the past 20 years to transform my life. The concept of the book cover took us back to the vibration I was in before my transformation began. We were in the worst part of East Vancouver. During the photo shoot we were surrounded by people who were down and out on life. I saw several drug deals, people smoking up, shooting up, completely drugged out. Tons of homeless people who had lost the will to live. My wife even got spat on by somebody.

The photographer and Kate were well out of their comfort zones and felt uncomfortable. It’s a pretty hostile environment and not for the faint of hearts. So what was it like to be in my body and head. Well believe it or not I’m pretty comfortable in that vibration. I was walking around and just observing everyone. I know what it’s like to be in their shoes and deep down inside I know they’re all amazing people who made some bad choices. I was talking to some of them, I even asked a homeless guy if I could borrow his bench because we wanted to take a few shots with a certain background. He became our new assistant for the next several minutes. Funny!

I was also in a deep place of gratitude.Yes Gratitude. Kate and I were talking after the photo shoot and I said to her that if I didn’t take some huge and scary risks I would never be where I am today. What was perculating within me was the gratitude for my younger self. That afraid, scared, uncertain and homeless kid that went out on a limb and chose a totally different, unknown and scary path in life. One fork in the road brought me to where I am today, the other choice would have me dead or on that street with all those people. Crazy how life unfolds.

Next weekend I’m attempting to fulfill another dream of mine. I’m racing Ironman Canada which is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and full marathon run of 26.2 miles. It may sound easy to do but it’s not. It’s considered to be one of the most challenging single day sporting events in the world. Training hard over this past year has brought my physical body and mind to place that it’s never been. I worked with one of the best coaches and he had me training upwards of 35 hours a week.

On that start line there will be over 3300 athletes. My goal is to finish in the top 100 and get a chance to race at the world championships with the best athletes on earth in Kona, Hawaii. Can I do it? This race is a competition with the demons within myself. If I slay them,we go to Hawaii.

Am I scared… oh ya! Especially after having a horrible run the other day. Anything can happen race day. There’s a fine balance between being certain and confident or arrogant and cocky. The key for a race like this (and Life) is to straddle that line. I approach this within myself the same way I manifest everything in my life. I have rehearsed every moment of this race 100’s of times in my head. I know what to expect, I know how hard I’ll have to push my body and mind and fuel them with that special something deep within me. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve and I’ll have to pull them out to execute the perfect race.

One of those is focus. Whatever I focus on in life expands…I choose to always see the cup as being half full and I’m constantly looking for ways to fill the rest up.

When I’m challenged I tell myself, “The only way to know what’s possible is to step into the realm of impossible.” Most are too scared to even consider the impossible. I told myself when I was a teenager that one day I would race in Kona, it’s number 17 on my old bucket list. And on Sunday, August 28 I get a chance to make something that seemed impossible become possible. It’s exciting and scary simultaneously. I truly don’t know of a better synthesis of the dualistic polarity of life. I invite you to find yours.

Another big piece that’s processing within me is that I know I’m never always capable of giving 100% of my best. Some days it will be, other days it may only be 90% or even 80%. It is what it is. However, what I also know is that it’s my job to make sure that I give 100% of that 80%. Make sense? So in actuality I’m always doing my absolute best, it’s just that some days won’t move with the ease and flow of other ones.

Within myself, when I truly know that I’m doing my best in that moment, day, week or month. I can only smile back at myself.

In the end when we look back at our lives this is what I know. Life is based upon moment-to-moment choices of what we do. In each of those moments, we choose. We either take a risk and move toward what we want, or we play it safe and choose comfort. Most of the people, most of the time, choose comfort. And in the end, people either have excuses or experiences; reasons or results; buts or brilliance.They either have what they wanted or they have a detailed list of all the rational reasons why not.

So this ride that’s disguised as my life is nothing more than a piece of clay waiting to be molded by its master. And living within myself I am the constant and ever expanding artist sculpting my journey as I see fit. I keep the clay moist so I can change it at any time, any place or at any moment. It’s a cool place to live and I invite you to join me.

To Your Mastery,

Dr. Sukhi