What You Can Learn from Easter

Isn’t Easter all about chocolate bunny’s?

What the heck is Easter

Believe it or not, I actually thought that Easter was a celebration of chocolate and bunny’s. Crazy right! You see I was born in Great Britain and raised on the westcoast of Canada by very traditional and religious parents from India. So they never knew much about western holidays and culture. Instead strong ideas about God and their religion were simply force fed down my throat. I was never given the opportunity to question their ideals and philosphy for living. It was a take it or leave it mentality.

This was pretty tough for a child like me because I’ve always been a critical thinker. I have always challenged ideas and cultural norms. Growing up I never followed herd mentality unless I could objectively and cognitively make some sense of it all. As a result, I spent the first 19 years of my life not believing in a higher power, not believing in the human spirit and thinking that religion and god were pretty much for weak minded and disempowered peeps. Pretty harsh right? Yes, some pretty strong ideas for a 19 year old with a grade 9 education.

This past weekend was Easter and for the first 2 decades of my life, holidays like this and christmas made absolutely no sense to me. As I became a student of life I began to study things like physics, quantum mechanics and theology so I could have a more informed opinion. Eventually, I became a student of A Course In Miracles as well. Today, after 19 years of being a disciplined student of life, this is what I’ve come up with for this little holiday called Easter.

Why Easter is relevant?

At first I learned that it wasn’t about eating chocolate bunny’s at all. It seemed like the real reason Easter existed was for Christians to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Well, as I delved further this fairy tale story of where good wins over evil actually wasn’t the full picture either.

I saw that churches would open up their doors on this holiday and share moral stories in their marketing ploy to convert attendees into devotees. After all these years I believe that the purpose of religion is to give an explanation to the unanswerable and unexplainable. Sounds like a great thing, almost a little like science???

So on Easter, peeps who follow Jesus don’t actually celebrate religion nor his teachings. It’s all about an event that supposedly happened in a real city, during a real time. Very similar to my Indian brothers and sisters who celebrate Vaisakhi, which represents the birth of the Sikh religion, Buddhist religion and the annual harvest.

So why is this weekend of any significance and why am I talking about it? Well, I believe we can all take some extraordinary ideas from all religions, holidays and celebrations. Then take these insights and apply them to our daily lives to help us become something greater than we presently are. So here’s my personal breakdown of it all.

Easter is about your Evolution

Easter is a celebration that relates to you and me personally. I call Jesus “Big J”, because some peeps get emotionally charged with his name due to some preconceived ideas. So my man, “Big J”, who to me was just a super conscious dude, took something that was horrible and devastating, the crucifixion, and redefined that bad boy through his own death and resurrection. The followers of Big J believe they will be permitted access to that same power for their own lives. A power that can transform their character, purpose, relationships and life from the clutches of fear. A power that can transcend our present circumstances, beliefs, hardships and challenges.

Sounds like a pretty cool thing right. For me Big J, Buddha, Shiva, Guru Nanak and other conscious peeps represent and stand for something that transcends our limitations. When you get into the essence of all these teachings it’s actually pretty cool stuff. It’s about letting you know that this omnipotent, onipresent and timeless source of power lives within each of us. That the same resources that were available to them are available to you and I.

Sure we’ll make mistakes, get angry or emotionally charged from the events and experiences around us. But it’s our ability to tap into that special something that fuels and powers every cell, tissue, organ and thought within us. Truly it doesn’t matter what you call that special something, or the name of your organization that teaches you about it. What does matter is that you don’t spend one or two holidays basking in that state.

My invitation to you is take that state and be the person who is fully connected to it 24/7. Whatever you do you have the power to influence others by being that extraordinary and powerful being. You have have the resources to be the conscious creator of your own life, just like Big J. So take a moment and celebrate the power that flows within yourself cause you’ve been given a day off work to simply do just that. Go within, connect and share that special something with the peeps in your life that matter most.

Happy Easter!

Dr. Sukhi

PS: If you know how the chocolate bunny’s fit into Easter I’d love to know???