Why Change is a Bad Thing

Most people believe that changing is a necessity to live an extraordinary life. My experience has taught me that trying to change actually leads to short term goals that eventually fizzle, leaving you frustrated and let down. There is something far greater than changing and in this Vlog I share how you can discover what that truly is. Making a commitment to live your life with this 1 degree shift will lead to long term enduring results that will radically transform your life.


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Dr. Sukhi

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  1. Chris says:

    I am living that one. I have had many days though of thinking i was a fool n gave up so much n i should go back. And i still do because it has not all worked the way i hoped. Still i feel we were right to head west to b surrounded by what we chose to b surrounded with. I have patience n belief in us that we r still taking the best steps for us. There rilly is no better feeling place right now so i just keep on figuring things out. Thanks Dr Sukhi

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