Why Integrity Matters Most

Integrity is the Great Equalizer in Life.

This is what seperates people, business’s and organizations apart. This is the difference between those that do and those that don’t! Life is an ultra-marathon not a sprint. You can live life like a fire cracker crashing and burning before you achieve your goals and purpose or live as if its an enduring eternal flame. The choice is yours, but the consequences will be very different.

A couple months ago I got a little charged about this whole topic and the lack of integrity that I was experiencing around me. When I was seeing the chips unfold it was clear to me that both you and I have so much work to do in cleaning up the debris of a world that has flourished by being short sighted  living with a lack of integrity.

A guy I met years ago worked for a little company called Enron, you may have heard of them. They were an american energy, commodities and service company. Before going bankrupt in 2001 they employed over 22,000 peeps and was one of the worlds leading companies with claimed revenues of more $101 billion annually. Fortune magazine even acclaimed Enron as being “America’a most innovative company” for 6 consecutive years. Oh, they were innovative alright. They were the innovators of what integrity doesn’t look like. The problem with Enron was that the entire company was based on an accounting scam. It was all fraud. They lied and BS’d. It was all a freakin scam and many lives were ruined as a result of a precious few who laughed their way to the bank. Or did they?

You may be thinking, “Ya so what”?. What does that have to do with me? Well, I believe a lot.

Why Integrity Matters Most

What is Integrity?

How can integrity impact your life? The definition of integrity is to adhere to moral and ethical principles. To be honest and have sound moral character. It is also a state of being sound, united and whole. The consequences of living and not living this way will have a huge impact on the health, wealth and happiness of not just you and I, but the entire planet. A Pretty Big Deal!

Why I feel Integrity’s important.

A few years ago I purchased a totally custom Time Trial bike. Every lever of my body was measured and my total body range of motion was tested and a bike was built to my specifications. Sure I paid top dollar, but I thought I was working with an amazing reputable company that stood behind their work with a lifetime warranty on their product.

Well a couple months ago I was training and cranking it up a huge hill with a big gear for a serious strength work out. I heard a crack, and noticed that the frame did exactly that. So I contacted the company, Guru Bikes, and let them know the situation. They told me after looking at the pictures I sent and seeing the bike was in mint condition (I baby everything I own) that the crack was NOT my fault. Great! But, the fracture was from normal wear and tear and the warranty did not cover that. Hmmmm, interesting! The warranty only covered a manufacturing defect. Even more Interesting!

I was TOLD from the dealer that “if there’s ever a problem with the frame it’s guaranteed for life, because their frames are so good, they’re like bomb proof”. Then the manufacturer went on to tell me I could ship it to them, they would fix it and send it back. I thought, “cool”. What wasn’t cool was that I was going to be without a bike for ¬†6 weeks and it was going to cost me $600. Ouch! I couldn’t afford to be bike-less at this time of year training for some big races and who wants to drop $600 bucks to be inconvenienced.

The entire communications process was painful. After I declined to send it to them, they said that if I fixed it myself from somebody local, they threatened that the entire warranty would become void. I said, “what warranty?”. Then the salesman tried to sell me on a frame that was new and improved at the cost of $3000, saying that my present frame wasn’t that great anyway. Wow, that’s what they told me about my frame a few years ago. I could smell the snake oil. I ended up getting my frame repaired locally for only $100 from a custom bike builder. Clearly this company was only interested in their bottom line. Integrity doesn’t live here. What would you have done? Would you purchase something from this company again?

More Teachings from Integrity.

Now the inspiration from this post came from something I experienced last week. Again, while I was training on my bike trainer a few weeks ago, the trainer started making a crazy loud noise and locked up. I thought “damn”, my indoor trainer’s broken. So I emailed the company, “Kurt Kinetic” and let them know what happened. Now I paid about $500 bucks for this a few years ago. I was hoping they would give me a contact number of a local repair person.

Erin at the company said in a 2 line email, “Give me your unit’s serial number and your home address and I’ll send you a new one”. WTF! I was in shock. No questions asked, they completely stand behind their product. I even asked how much it was going to be and she said, “nothing, we completely stand behind all our products”. Last week my new trainer showed up. Check it out!


OK, you might be thinking so what? Well, I know the world we live in is changing in extraordinary ways. The things that used to work in life and business no longer are working. The old school, pit bull way of doing things with only the bottom line in mind is dying. That hard energy of using force, coercion and a lack of integrity will no longer be supported. Sure, certain peeps may make a quick buck from this model but they will suffer far more in the days, weeks and months that follow because the carpet will be pulled from under them.

The Universe Breeds Integrity

Whether it’s cheating, coercion, scamming somebody, using drugs to get that extra edge as an athlete, student or mask a serious underlying problem, it will now catch up with you my friend. Why? Because the Universe is ALWAYS watching. And it will reward those with the greatest integrity. I’ve worked with 7-10 figure earners and some of them have sold their souls for their bottom line. They also know that it’s catching up to them. Many of them that I’ve worked with have completely jumped off that egocentric greedy train and found the one of Integrity. They even know that times are changing.

Greed and lack comes from the finite limitations of the human mind that’s caught in this space and time dimension. Integrity comes from that place of infinitity within the human heart. Integrity transcends what our five senses perceive and will also live in the hearts of others.

Years ago I was working with somebody that had racked up a bill of a few thousand dollars. They kept saying they would pay me and days turned into weeks and months. After several months of not hearing from them I had to make a decision. The bottom line is that accounts receivable is bad for business. Sure I wanted to get paid, so I could go about it the old school way and say “WARNING Final Notice! “You will be sent to a creditor!” Legal action will be taken.” etc. etc. Essentially it’s about scaring the shit out of them so they pay me.

Integrity is the High Road

I chose a different path. I still wanted them to be accountable for their inability to fulfill a commitment with me, yet I knew in my heart I would never see the money. So I wrote a letter to them. I let them know how much money was outstanding. I also let them know that if they fell upon difficult times and could not afford to pay it that they could simply just let me know. If that was the case (which it was) I said I would forget about the money with one caveat. And that was this… If in the future they were ever in my situation where somebody owed them some dollars or some other form of energy exchange, that they would treat them with the same compassion, love and respect that I was showing them. Essentially I asked them to pay it forward with forgiveness. When I followed my heart this was the only action to take.

Some of you who are stuck in your finite minds may be thinking, “ya that’s cool but the real world doesn’t work this way”. I challenge you with that. I challenge you to look for the blessings and gifts in your life. Even if life has put you through the spin cycle several dozen times and has brought people, places and things to you that have kicked your butt, I say that you are lucky. Because the universe NEVER gives you anything you cannot handle.

Apparently you can handle a lot, Awesome! You’ve got tons of potential my friend.

For those that say that you can’t live with the highest morals and integrity and make it in this world…. Well, you need to wake up, smell the coffee and get a reality check. I believed that I could create an extraordinary life by becoming a teacher of life. I’ve done this by creating only “heart centred” business’s. Things that touch the hearts and minds of other peeps helping them create extraordinary lives in their ideals. And it’s worked!

If you met me today you’d see that I’m a pretty healthy and happy camper. In several short years I’ve went from being in debt of a couple hundred thousand dollars to having a 7 figure net worth. In 3 weeks Kate and I are moving into our custom designed dream home worth over $3 million, and I’ve done this in the WORST economic time of my adult life. (Oh yes, I don’t watch TV, so I didn’t know there was a global recession, good thing hey)

Sure, I’ve worked harder than most but it’s simply because I feel a calling from within that drives and fuels me everyday. I create, innovative, step out of the box and provide real value for people that creates tangible and real results. The question is… are you willing to do the work…?

Yes Integrity Really Works

So I’m living proof that this shit actually works. I share all this with you to make a point. I’m about real results in the real world, but coming from the new school place of integrity. For me it’s about the triune of health, wealth and happiness. Each one supports the other and this goodness lives within all of us.

You are unique and special. No other person on earth looks, acts, or behaves the way you do. We each have something special and extraordinary to share with this world. And that uniqueness lives within you and is waiting for you to connect with it and begin spreading it to the people, places and things in your world. It needs no manipulation, coercion or forcing. It’s pure, timeless and powerful.

It may be to profoundly raise extraordinary children. It may be to run a 6, 7 or 8 figure business that provides value for people. It may be to be the best teacher. The best athlete. The best partner. The list is endless.

I have no idea what it is for you. But living with integrity will allow you to cultivate and nurture it. Be patient and let it find you. Ultimately I believe that’s what the human experiment is… to fulfill our purpose… because that will touch the untouchable parts of yours and other peoples lives.

To You Mastery,

Dr. Sukhi