Why You May Not Be Performing Your Best

The universe works in remarkable ways. This past weekend I recorded this Vlog just before an Ironman 70.3 race. I speak about why we may not be performing our best in some areas of our lives. Ironically I had the WORST race performance of my entire life. Total Crash and Burn! This week I’m taking my own advice and you’ll benefit too. I learned this concept from Malcolm Gladwell, international best selling Canadian author. He found a recipe for success and creating extraordinary results. This Vlog is an introduction to that recipe. Learn how to perform and be your best more consistently.

Thanks for Tuning each week,

Dr. Sukhi

2 Comments on Why You May Not Be Performing Your Best

  1. Comparison Kills. I need to remember that!

    p.s. You don’t know it, but with your Pizza comment yesterday, it made me think, hmm, I should eat after my 10k. Man alive did I feel better after that Burrito! lol. thanks!


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