World Domination Summit

World Domination Summit, it’s here!

World Domination Summit

Don’t worry the world is not going to be dominated by aliens from another planet. Quite the contrary! The world domination summit was an idea that was created by Chris Guillebeau. Now this guy is pretty cool. I’ve been reading his Blog for several months now and his “thing” is living the art of non-conformity. Essentially living his life, his way and simply seeing rules as simple guidelines. AKA… Be the Captain of your own Ship.

The World Domination Summit brought together 500, a small army, remarkable peeps in Portland, Oregon for a weekend of strategizing and adventure. Now the cool thing about this weekend is that this has never been done before. To top that, Chris knew nothing about putting an event like this together first hand, because he’s never done it before. Talk about going out on a limb. Just by observing how this event was put together from the outside I have learned a lot and you could to. So here are the takeaways….

The World Domination Summit was first an idea.

9 months ago the world domination summit was announced. The organizer had absolutely no idea how to make it happen, but he did have an extensive background in the publishing industry. The first thing he did was ask a lot of questions. Questions are so important.

Tony Robbins even said,“the quality of your questions determine the quality of your life”.

Amen! The World Domination Summit came to be simply because high quality questions were asked.

When was the last time you asked yourself high quality questions??? I bet it was the same time that you had high quality experiences and results. The next time you have an outrageous idea, back it up with some outrageous high quality questions to keep the idea percolating. How can I make this happen? Who do I need to contact or connect with? Who could support me? What could this look like? The list goes on and on.

Whenever I’ve collaborated on a project it always began with myself. And truly, LIFE, is a series of projects to achieve one thing….

“Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy…” Ren & Stimpy

The World Domination Summit was Announced

OK this doesn’t sound like rocket science, but really think about this. Chris announced the plan for the world domination summit before he even knew how it would unfold. That is what I call making a declaration and intention to the universe. Now I could get into the physics and metaphysics of all this but I’ll save that for another post (PS: let me know below if you want some of that goodness and I’d be happy to share). Actually, the physics for World Domination sounds like a cool post.

Have you ever had an idea, thot (spelling’s intentional) it was pretty cool and then just let the monkeys in your head tell you how you’re not good enough, you can’t do it, it’s too hard… etc. etc. Sure, we all have. Something magical happens when you ask yourself a few questions, because you get some eventual great answers. And when you take it a step further and put it out there in the universe, the universe begins to conspire to make it happen.

So the next time you have an outrageous idea, just like the The World Domination Summit, put it out there, tell some peeps, write it down. Even if you have no idea how it will unfold, present or even look like. The details will all fall into place with a little action each day.

The World Domination Summit was Modelled Behaviour

Again, Chris had no idea how to pull this weekend off. And to name just a few things it was completely run by volunteers. 100’s of details were organized from meeting peeps at the airport, gift bags, breakout sessions, speakers, door prizes, negotiating with catering racketeers, hammocks, afterparty, transportation, and so on…..

Personally having thrown an event like this, the list is HUGE! The world domination summit was organized by simply watching what others did. Sound simple. It is!

This is called modelled behaviour. This is how human beings learn. By modelling the behaviour of how others have done things you do not have to reinvent the wheel. I spent years studying how we learn and personally I break it down to this. I figure out what I want to do or accomplish and then I research peeps who have done it from a similar value system as myself. I dissect the shit out of them, I literally stalk peeps, so much easier now with the internet. And I simply model what they have done.

The World Domination Summit was a weekend filled with remarkable peeps, doing remarkable things and it was all created from modelled behaviour.

Create your own World Domination Summit

My take home message from the creation of the world domination summit is that if one person can do it, you can too. Whatever it is. I invite you to take your ideas and begin asking yourself high quality questions. Then once you get some momentum put it out there in the universe, you’ll even be more accountable to it. And finally, don’t feel that you have to reinvent the wheel. Chances are that somebody has done something very similar. Find them. Model their behaviour. You may even have a conversation with them. And then put your own flavor and spices on it to make it uniquely yours. Let’s all start creating more, just like Chris Guillebeau’s world domination summit!

To your Mastery,

Dr. Sukhi

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