Your Life is so much Greater Than What You Choose to See

Perceptions can blind us from our Greatest Life.

A few weeks ago Kate and I were in LA and we had the chance to visit a friend and mentor of mine named Michael Beckwith. Michael is one inspiring and on purpose dude, if you don’t know anything about him, you’ve been missing out big time. So the other day I was listening to one of his lectures and he was talking about how “Our potential is greater than our appearances”. Now this got me thinking about how so many of us tend to prejudge appearances. We tend to live our lives judging books by their covers. Have you ever been guilty of this?

I’m pretty sure we’ve all been guilty of this at some point in our lives. We look around and come to conclusions just from observing other people, the way they dress, behave, the ideas they have, how they live their lives, the list goes on and on. Have you ever heard the saying that “how you do anything is how you do everything”. Well, if you haven’t… now you have… : )

It’s true; the way you think, act, feel in one area of your life will spill over to every other area. And if you go out day in and day out prejudging other people before you’ve taken the time and energy to actually see them for who they authentically are, you are not living anywhere close to your greatest life.


So why don’t you pull a page out of my book and stop the insanity.

Stop Prejudging & Choose Your Extraordinary Life!

Here’s a little exercise for you. Every time you go out and prejudge somebody I want you to point at them. Yes, that’s right, get that arm horizontal, eye level, stick out that index finger and point your butt off. Feel uncomfortable? You bet it does, in fact you may find it very challenging to do, because you’re letting the entire world know that you’re potentially judging somebody by their cover.

Now let’s look at this a little closer. Notice that when you point at somebody you actually have your 3 other fingers pointing back at you. Hmmmm, Interesting! So when you judge others and see them through a negative lens, you are telling the universe that you own those qualities too. And the simple act of pointing reminds you of that every time. In fact, you own that judgement 3 times as much, hence the 3 finger rule.

Did you also know that the word prejudice comes from pre-judgement. Ouch! Did I just say that? I did. When you judge a book by its cover you are being prejudice. No matter how subtle or extreme, prejudice is prejudice and it’s a certain vibration within you. Now lets look at those 3 fingers pointing back at you again. Remember, how you do anything is how you do everything. If you judge in your social life, you will also judge your colleagues, family, career and every other area of your life.

Perhaps most debilitating is that you will be judging yourself. It’s a universal law, what you see in others you own within yourself at a core level. Because what you focus on will expand within you exponentially. Every time you judge a book by its cover you water down your potential for extraordinary health, wealth and happiness. Look around you right now. What do you see? Look at your clothes, your surroundings and what you are accomplishing in your life. Look at how healthy you are, how wealthy you are and how happy you are. Notice any pre-judgements or prejudice.

Now, I want you to think about the power that created you from 2 tiny cells inside your mothers body. That power created a living human being in 9 short months from 2 tiny cells. NEWS FLASH! That power that created you never abandoned you when you were born. It’s still there, in fact it’s always been there. You just forgot about it because you started to believe that the appearances around you were who you truly are.

Your potential is so much greater than your appearances. Other peoples potential is so much greater than their appearances. Yet everyday you have a choice. Gandhi said, “We must BE the change we want to see in this world”. When you stop judging other people, places and things, you open up the door to see the potential that lies deep within them. You will begin to look at them for what they’re capable of becoming, doing and having. Your physiology will change. You will think different thoughts, behave with more conscious choices and you will begin to cultivate the most powerful resource you have within you, Mastery. The magical thing that happens is that as you begin to judge others less, you will begin to judge yourself less. Inner and outer prejudices have a linear relationship.

You will start to cultivate and nurture that masterful potential that lies deep within you. I tell myself everyday that my potential is so much greater than my appearances. I tell myself that I cannot see in others that which I do not possess within myself. You too! Your potential is so much greater than your appearances. How would you live your life if you stopped being prejudice about yourself, when you finally stop prejudging yourself. Stop the Lies. Stop telling yourself that you’re not good enough. Stop telling yourself you’re not attractive enough. Stop telling yourself it’s too hard. Stop telling yourself you’re not successful. Stop being prejudice. Start seeing the potential. Start seeing the possibilities.

Whatever you give attention to will expand and magnify in your life.

Now let’s take this a step further. When you stop judging others, you’ll see yourself in a different light. Is it possible that that change within you will shed some light on another person and they will stop judging books by their covers too? Is it possible that may influence several other people to follow the same journey? Is it possible that eventually we could have large groups of people cultivating the potential within them creating newer and more powerful appearances? Is it possible that that would likely inspire even more peeps to jump on that same journey of expressing pure and powerful potential? Is it possible that this small group could turn into a community and influence an entire city? Is it possible then that that city could inspire and influence other cities around the world? Is it possible that these cities will influence nations and this will become the new way of being in our world and for generations of tomorrow. I ask you, is this possible?

I have a global vision to transform the lives of humanity by helping all of us remove the barriers to that which holds us back from expressing our pure potential, our masterful nature and state. Imagine living in a world where people only saw the pure, power, omnipotent potential that lives deep within ourselves and everyone else. A world of no Prejudice. How would humanity act? How would peeps behave? How would we converse? What would we create? What would nations collaborate on? How would our children’s lives for tomorrow transform?

Health, Wealth and Happiness is our natural state and birth right. All we have to do is remove the barriers to what already exists within. Change begins with you. Be the change you want to see in this world and the universe will open the gates to your greatest potential and life. Mastery is our birthright.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Your time is Now! It’s time for you to Master Your Life.

WIth Love & Respect,

Dr. Sukhi

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